Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fashion trends that have withstood the tests of time

Everyone has their own impression of what glamour means. We all know, more or less, what it refers to. But it's very much a matter of personal taste and style. For example, for one person, glamor might refer to a dress that couldn't be bought for less than a four-figure sum. To another person, that may be decadent and wasteful. They in turn might see glamor as being something simple, inexpensive and refined. Neither person is wrong - glamor is what you make it.

Everyone, therefore, has people that they see as style icons. Modern day icons are very much a subjective thing. In the 40s and 50s, it was straightforward. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Judy Garland... you know the drill. These days, some people won't wear anything that hasn't been given the nod by a Kardashian. Others wouldn't be seen dead in anything that has.

And so, with so many competing views of what style and glamor actually are, it is sometimes wise to step back from trying to fit any mold. Wearing something that a lot of people might not consider stylish is a style statement in itself.

As long as you can look in the mirror and say "Yes, I'm rocking this and you know I am", then that's all you need. Carrying it off with confidence is the key. Look at Lady Gaga. You may not like what she wears, but she has zero doubt about it.

So, with that in mind, there are some items you may have put on the banned list as not being stylish. But it's down to how you wear them, and believe it or not, you can make pretty much anything look great.

1. Anything In Tweed

For a long time, tweed was viewed as being for old men and no-one else. Unless you were going grouse shooting or teaching geography in a boys' boarding school, you didn't go near it. And it is a look that can still take some pulling off. However, things have changed in recent years, and tweed's hard-wearing, moneyed look is now worn more freely.

While a few years ago it may have still been just hipster boys wearing it, now the girls can get in on the fun. A belted tweed jacket can look great paired with the right pants (but those pants should be light in colour). With a refined hat to finish the look off, this can be a very strong fashion statement. Just don't accessorize it with a shotgun. That's taking the country gentleman thing too far.

2. Bandanas

We all have our own associations with bandanas and, to be fair, some of them are a little sensitive. It can be difficult to wear them without tipping over into cultural appropriation. No matter how much you like a certain look, appropriation is something to be avoided.

However, bandanas have been around for some time in a range of ways. I'll be honest, even I didn't know about some of the crazy uses they used to have. Saying that, you can make a bandana work in so many ways. Because of the size and the versatility of the item, they can be worn as a cravat, an armband, or you can go for the Rosie the Riveter look. This last has become hugely popular recently.

3. The 80s Power Look

Yes, you've seen the photos and maybe you lived through the decade. And there's no doubt that some of the worst excesses of the 80s should stay back there in the 80s. Ideally in a cave, on the moon and, with a little luck, on fire. Look, some of the colors and the cuts were amazing. But shoulder pads? Let's just look back on those as a lesson from history. Women can do anything and be anything, but we don’t have to look like that to do it.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Easy Tips To Help You Spend Less On Clothing

Shopping can be one of our biggest vices. We do it when we're stressed, we do it when we're happy, we do it when we need a pick me up. In fact, for many people, it becomes something of a habit. It can be near impossible to walk past the mall on your way home from work, and not pop in. You're not planning on getting anything of course - it's just for a browse. Or at least, that's what we tell ourselves! It comes as no surprise that we revamp our wardrobes way more than is needed. The average American woman is said to spend around $125,000 on clothes in her lifetime. So if your spending on shopping is getting out of control, see if any of these tips would help you cut back.

Set an aim

Finding yourself out of pocket with all your money going on clothes? If there's a holiday you're desperate to go on but you still find yourself buying more in the mall, it's time to get focused. Stick a picture of your dream destination everywhere: on your fridge, next to your bed, as your phone background - everything! Then, when you are tempted to pay Topshop a little visit, you might think twice.

Get brutal with your closet

It's pretty likely that you have some items in your closet that you've actually never even worn. Set aside an afternoon to go through all your clothes and decide what you really need. You'll have to be pretty cut throat for this, and it's true that some clothes do hold emotional ties. But if all they're doing is taking up space in your wardrobe, then unfortunately they will have to go. Give it a shot - you may feel refreshed afterwards, like a weight has been lifted.

Look out for discounts

If you're a designer lover, chances are you'll be spending a small fortune on clothes every month. Try and tear yourself away from your love of labels by shopping more at high street stores. Many of these stores also offer discounts, so keep your eyes peeled for things such as Bealls Coupon Codes. You could find yourself saving a lot of money and still coming out with a fab new outfit.

Hold a swap shop with your friends

If you and your girlfriends constantly talk about how swamped down you are with all your clothes - do something about it! Suggest holding a swap shop where you can try on each others clothes and take stuff the other person no longer wants. If you've had your eye on a certain dress for a while, this could be your perfect opportunity to snatch it, and give something back in return.

Try thrift shops

Initially, you might be put off by the idea of a thrift store. Granted, not everything in there is going to be a vintage gem. But, if you have a certain degree of patience, digging through the rails for an hour or so could end up paying off. You will certainly end up with something unique, and thrift stores often have designer brands hiding amongst the rails too.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to fix "I have nothing to wear" syndrome

I know what it’s like to get frustrated and decide I’m no longer leaving the house because I have nothing to wear. But somehow, it's also equally frustrating going shopping with that annoying "do I really need this" voice going through my head. So I've found that the best solution to both spectrums of problems is to really be in touch with your style and what's hanging in your closet.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Start going through your wardrobe, and make piles. If you haven’t worn something in months, put that in one pile. If you wear something quite a lot, put that in another pile. If you wear something occasionally, put this in another pile. These piles will help you to work out what it is you need to do to your wardrobe. In the pile of clothes you don’t wear, take a look at what there is and figure out why you don’t wear these things. Do they not match other things in your wardrobe? Are they uncomfortable to wear? Write a list. These are things you should avoid when you go shopping in future. When looking at the pile of clothes you do wear, write out why you wear them the most, and then take this list with you when you go shopping. This is what you’re looking for. In the pile of clothes you sometimes wear, work out what you could do to wear them more. Maybe you could purchase an item that would bring everything together. Learn as much as you can about your habits and you’ll be better prepared in future.

Define Your Style

Use some words to define your style. You can use anything you like, from luxe, to sporty, to sports luxe. What defines you the most? Include words that describe your personality too. When shopping, ask yourself if the clothes you are looking at fit the bill. If so, you’re onto a winner.

Note Down Which Outfits Did/Didn’t Work And Why

Do you have any outfits in your head that you absolutely loved? Figure out why they worked so well for you. Any you decided you didn’t like afterwards? Work this out too. You’ll be able to put better outfits together in future, but don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone is the way to go.

Consider Putting Together A Capsule Wardrobe

Putting together a capsule wardrobe can save you time and money. It can mean you always have something to wear. You won’t waste money on clothing, and you’ll never say ‘I have nothing to wear!’, as you have an endless amount of outfits to choose from. You can find lists online of what you need and what you should do to get started. Starting again can be scary, but when you look for Asos discount codes and other codes to save money, it can be made easier.

Have Rules For Buying

Have rules for buying clothes. For instance, anything you buy needs to match your personal style definitions. Anything you buy must match at least 3 items in your wardrobe, and be worn multiple ways. Everyone will have their own rules, but you’ll be a smarter buyer once you define them.

Never Buy On Impulse

Buying on impulse can give us a rush, but this is one reason why so many of us have clothes we don’t wear, or only wear once. Rather than buying on impulse, ask yourself if you’ll really get your wear out of this. Will the novelty wear off? Maybe wait a few weeks, and if you’re still thinking about it, buy it.

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Cold weather accessories that actually look good

If you’re a fashion lover, you’re probably eager to look stylish whatever the weather. When temperatures start to drop, you have to rethink your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t look great just because it’s cold outside. Accessories are the key to looking and feeling fabulous all year-round. Here are some fantastic additions to your cold weather wardrobe to consider this fall/winter.


I know what you’re thinking. Sunglasses are for summer. This is true, but you never know when a stray sunny day may come along. In the fall, we’re often treated to clear, bright skies even when it’s chilly. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes and make you look incredibly chic. In the cooler months, go for larger styles and darker colour frames. Leave neon shades and novelty glasses for summer festivals and exotic holidays.


Hats are a great way of keeping warm and adding interest to your outfit. In the fall, felt fedora hats are an excellent addition to smart casual outfits. Team with a pair of skinny jeans, a printed blouse and a faux fur gilet for a chic but cozy option. Alternatively, embrace woolly beanies or caps for a more casual look. Both these styles will look fantastic with relaxed jeans, trainers, and slogan sweaters.


A girl can never have too many bags. As the cooler weather approaches, you may wish to swap fabric, straw and canvas bags for heavy-duty options. Leather is a fall staple, and it adds a touch of class to any outfit. Go for a bowling bag or an oversized shopper for a lunch date or a trip to the mall. For an evening out, brighten up an LBD with a leopard print clutch. If you’re looking for some inspiration for new additions to your collection, take a look at online sites like BNB.


Many people like to wear jewelry in the summer, but it’s not so popular in the cooler climes. The colder seasons are actually a great time of year to wear sparkly pieces. Jewel tones, such as midnight blue, purple, green and burgundy, work really well in fall and winter. You can make your wardrobe more versatile with accessories. You can also dress up plainer items, such as dark dresses and jumpsuits, with jewelry. Necklaces are a great addition to blouses, jumpers and dresses. Jewelry inspiration is always pretty easy to find too, so it makes for a simple way to spice up a winter outfit.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay chic all year round, make accessories your best friend. By changing the extras you add to your outfits, you can create stylish looks for any season. Add hats jewelry and bags to bring your fall outfits to life, and make every look unique. Search online for tips or have a look through some glossy fashion magazines.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kissing coffee cups

Red bucket bag c/o Zaful / Striped blouse from Ricki's / Grey patterned skirt from Suzy Shier

As I was going through these photos, I was thinking "Hm, I really should've added a bold red lip to complete the look." But you know what? I haven't worn lipstick in a year. Why? Because the first thing I do on a weekday is grab a cup of coffee that smears the majority of my lipstick off. Then, I'm left with disgusting lipstick residue on my cup that I feel like I'm eating with every sip after. 

"But Sabrina, why don't you just prime or bite a tissue first?" Hello, it's the first thing in the morning. My priorities are injecting myself with caffeine. I don't know about you, but extra steps in my beauty regime are not on my mind. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I wait until someone talks to me so I know that my lipstick has been seen before it comes off onto my cup. Sometimes you gotta count the small victories... 

I'd also like to highlight my experience with Zaful. Like many other sites, this site has an instant online chat function. Usually, I roll my eyes and assume it's some smart bot or unhelpful contract worker. So I half-heartedly asked what the brand print on the bottom of the bag said (because of image on their site said "Fashion Bag" and no one wants that). To my pleasant surprise, a rep came back with a photo of the bag in question with the print in close up! I double checked, and the photo file name was actually the date, which means that this wasn't some randomly stored picture. This person LITERALLY got up to find the bag in stock, took a photo, and sent it to me. I was so blown away by this experience. I don't always talk about companies in such detail, but after that, I was really happy to do this Zaful review.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

6 Ways to stay dressy in cooler weather

I know what you're thinking: "But it's still August! Why are we even talking about the cooler weather?!" Because here, we just had a massive heatwave for a few weeks that had me dreaming of being cozy without being sweaty. And as per the usual Canada trend, fall temperatures sneak up on us pretty quickly!

One major issue is that dressing for cooler weather can quickly become frumpy. Big coats, oversized scarves, and other chunky pieces can turn an outfit from haute to hobo in an instant. But with the right clothes and proper accessorising, staying dressy even when the temps turn down will be a cinch. Check out a few of my favorite tips below. 

1. Don't Skip the Jewelry

Jewelry is a key component to keeping your outfits dressy during cool weather. Make your outfit pop with the right pieces, like statement earrings, a bib necklace, or a stack of bangles. Have fun with colour, too. Cold weather doesn't mean drab hues. 

2. Heels Add Instant Oomph 

Rather than wear flats all the time, throw on a pair of closed-toe pumps or heeled booties for a leg-elongating ensemble that will also add instant oomph to even your oversized coats. And even if you dislike stilettos, wedges and thick-stacked heels are totally on trend this season. For the unexpected, choose a coloured pair to dress up a plain black dress, trousers, pencil skirt, or jeans. 

3. Let Your Accessories Shine

Aside from jewelry, there are many different ways to amp up the dressy factor of a cool weather outfit. Other accessories like handbags, hats, belts, and scarves can all make a difference. A belted waist over a large coat adds an instant hourglass, while a sparkly or sequined scarf will add a touch of glamour. And don't forget the dramatic impact a wide-brim felted hat can have on an ensemble. 

4. Tackle the Tailored Coat

A beautifully tailored coat can instantly elevate any outfit, making it appear much dressier than it really is. Whether you pair it with jeans, trousers, or a cocktail dress, you simply can't go wrong. Choose camel, black, or cream for a piece that will go with nearly everything. 

5. Blouses and Camis Abound

A surefire way to look dressy even when the weather turns cold is by choosing the right kind of top. Opt for something ruffled, feminine, and billowy and even a pair of skinny jeans and heels will look phenomenal. The great part is that beautiful blouses and camis are also excellent for work. 

6. Get a Leg Up on Style

Whether you bare your legs (with tights on, of course) or prefer to cover them in pants, the right bottoms are key to keeping it dressy. Patterned tights add a fun touch to skirts and dresses and can be quite beautiful. Black lace and geo patterns are both great choices. And don't forget the impact a great-fitting pair of trousers can have on even a plain white fitted long sleeve tee. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little rundown of tips on how to appear dressy even when the temps turns cool. All it takes are a few strategic items and edits of pieces you probably already have. Remember the importance of layers, accessories, and proper fit for boundless outfits that are both stylish and warm.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 tips for wearing statement jewellery

Jewelry is one of the best ways to breathe some new life into your outfit and enhance your best features at the same time. While statement jewelry is designed for you to have some fun with and pair with your best outfits to really set them off, it’s important to make sure that you wear them right in order to get the most out them. Wearing statement pieces can be tricky, as it’s all about getting the balance right between making a statement or going over the top. To make sure that you always look your best in your favourite statement pieces, we’ve put together the top rules for wearing them.

Don’t Overdo It

The beauty of statement jewelry is that you only have to wear one piece to really bring an outfit to life and add just the right amount of sparkle and glamour. One of the biggest mistakes that ladies make when wearing statement jewelry is to wear too many pieces all at once. When wearing a gorgeous statement piece such as these from Ascot Diamonds, you should make sure that it stands out by wearing it on its own or making sure that any other jewelry pieces that you choose are simple and basic. Statement jewelry with something like a floral maxi dress? My eye would have no idea what to focus on.

Check Your Outfit

If you’re wearing a statement piece of clothing, you should leave the statement jewelry for another day. For example, if you’re wearing a top or blouse from StyleWe with a lot of embellishments or a standout pattern, wearing statement jewelry is simply going to overdo it and make the whole outfit look too much. Statement jewelry is best paired with simple outfits, such as a little black dress or a plain top/blouse and trousers, as it brings a plainer outfit to life and adds the extra glamour and sparkle that you want. If your outfit is making enough of a statement on its own, there’s no need to add the jewelry to it!

Don’t Just Wear Necklaces

Many people think of necklaces as being the only type of statement jewelry out there. And whilst statement necklaces can certainly make a popular choice and definitely look great, don’t limit your statement collection by simply choosing necklaces alone. Instead, make sure that you vary your statement pieces by going for cuff bracelets, statement rings, and even statement headpieces which can be a very interesting addition to any outfit.

Consider Neckline and Hairstyles

If you are planning to pair a statement necklace with your outfit, it’s important to not only consider the other accessories that you will be wearing, but the type of neckline that your outfit has and the style of your hair. If you are wearing your hair down, for example, it may be better to wear a statement ring or bracelet instead so as not to draw attention from it. If your neckline is lacy or has embellishments, make sure that you do not choose a necklace which clashes with it.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Streamlining your beauty collection

When it comes to creating the perfect beauty and makeup collection, we often end up buying quite a number of different bits and pieces.

There are certain products that can do two tasks at once. Others are made to supply you with different looks in one container or box. Double-ended products are also super useful.

So, even if your ideal routine includes 20 different items and tools, there are ways you can streamline this. Saving space and avoiding the graveyard of underused makeup products? Yes please.

2 in 1 primer and foundation
Rather than having lots of bottles floating around in your makeup bag or box, combine two of the most important ones together. Look for a foundation that comes with built-in primer. This allows you take up less room in your collection. Furthermore, it will save you precious time both when waiting for the primer to dry, and in overall applying times. Be sure to always add some of the product to both your lips and eyes. Here it can help hold your lip colour and eye products in place, without the need for additional primers.

Eyeshadow palettes
Rather than having numerous eyeshadows in your collection, opt for one great palette instead. An eyeshadow quad palette is always a good bet, as the variety of colours allows you achieve a defined and multi-tonal look. Look for ones that offer a darker shade, two medium shades, and a pale, highlighter shade. If quad palettes don’t quite quench your thirsty, go even bigger. Just be sure that the case or holder they come in is thin and light. If it is heavy, bulky or awkwardly shaped, you’d be better off with multiple little ones!

Clear lip liner
These are a relatively new invention for the high street. It used to be the case that the best lip liner was one that closely matched the shade of your lipstick or lipgloss. However, these days, clear can do the same job. While it doesn’t make your lips look as plump, it does stop it from bleeding at the edges. It can also help it stay on, and stay in place, for longer. Look for one with a fine tip so you can apply it neatly and precisely. This can take the place of all of your different coloured liners when you’re on the move!

Bronzer and blusher palette
Why carry around a blusher and a bronzer when you can have both in one palette? Make sure it is big enough that you can access both individually, however.

Double-ended Mascara
Another thing that can take up a lot of room within your makeup bag is multiple different types of mascara. Maybe you have one for lengthening and another for thickening. Perhaps you like to use different wands, so have one for upper lashes and a smaller one for lower lashes. Instead of carrying all of these around with you, get a double-ended mascara instead! If it’s thickening you’re after, go for one that has a thickening substance at one end, and then a deep black mascara at the other end.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

6 ways to look amazing even when you don’t feel it

We all want to look our best. But presenting our best self to the world takes time and energy. And sometimes we just don’t feel it. We may be under the weather or just a bit blah. Whatever the reason, we don’t always feel like making ourselves Instagram ready. On these days follow our simple steps to no-fuss understated style.

1. Emergency Makeup Kit

Always have an emergency makeup kit. This should contain only the bare essentials. Forget the bells and whistles. A good emergency kit should contain:

Primer: Yes, this is an essential item. Put your foundation on without and you will see the difference. Primer smoothes your skin, creating the optimum base for your makeup.

Concealer: Another essential item. This should be a shade lighter than your foundation cream.

Foundation Cream: Once you have identified a colour that suits your skin tone, you’ve nailed it.

Small Eyeshadow Palette: A small palette with neutral colours.

Mascara: A no-fuss brand that is easy to apply.

Lipstick: Again, a neutral shade to match the eyeshadow.

So, on the days that you don’t feel like spending time contouring and doing your brows, just use your makeup staples.

2. Clothes

Set aside some clothes that are easy to wear and stylish. Brands such as Minkpink have just the right touch of cool elegance. Opt for items that you can throw on and not worry about coordinating too much. Maxi dresses, shirt dresses, and shifts are great for this.

Keep clothing laundered and in good condition. Mend any tears or holes as soon as they appear. Make sure that everything is at your disposal so you don’t have to hunt around when you’re tired.

A smart coat or jacket will complete the ensemble and ensure your look your best when you leave the house.

3. Accessories

Accessories make an outfit. They can transform a simple outfit into something fun or striking. Have a few key pieces that suit a range of clothing choices. Statement necklaces, belts, and chunky bracelets work well. The thing about accessories is that they always make you seem ‘put together’..

4. Shoes

Your choice of footwear will depend on your outfit. But ensure your shoes are looked after and ready to wear. Keep them clean and polished. If the heels are looking a little worn, take them to the cobbler. Nothing says hurried and unkempt like scruffy shoes.

5. Hair

If you don’t feel like going to town on your hair, have a few go-to styles you can fall back on. For medium and long hair opt for a ballerina bun or a twist and pin style. If your hair is short, opt for a style that takes minimal care.

6. Attitude

Your overall look is as much down to your attitude as to the items you’re wearing. If you leave the house with slumped shoulders and looking glum, that’s exactly the look you’ll portray. However, if you have a confident posture, you will immediately transform your overall appearance.

What are your tricks for looking good when you feel anything but?

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Work to weekend

Cobalt blue blazer from H&M / Mustard yellow shorts from Forever 21 / Floral dress (as a top) from Shein / Peeptoe booties from Guess

Every weekday, I'm cooped up in corporate clothes, sometimes wondering if the extra half-inch of my shoulder I'm bearing is too much for my conservative office. When Friday evening comes, I welcome to this opportunity to show off some leg. When I know I'm going straight from work to a social event, I just want to change quickly, without the hassle of having to lug around my change of clothes after. So, I came up with a way to incorporate my Casual Friday outfit into my Friday night out.

It's simple - I just tucked the dress into my shorts. Okay, it's a little bulky, but with some loose fitted boyfriend shorts, there was room to spare anyway. It's quick, easy, and I don't have to worry about something falling into the toilet while I change in a bathroom stall. 

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