Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In combat

 Midi accordion skirt from M for Mendocino / Black boyfriend blazer from H&M / Black combat boots

I don't always wage war against a company, but when I do, it's over a pair of shoes. You know that feeling when you ho and hum over something you kinda want, then come back to it and it's gone? I experienced that last weekend. Except that it wasn't my fault. I swear.

So here's my story. I've been hunting for a pair of comfortable low heels for months now to wear to a wedding I'll be attending in May. Long, long story short, The Bay's website was having technical issues in 3 different places. I'm less irate when people own up to an issue. But when two customer service reps don't believe me, that's when the gloves come off.

I swear I'm usually not this insane, but when a company keeps saying "we'll call you" and never does, I have no choice but to call them. Every other day. What, I wanted to make sure that I got my cheap comfortable shoes on time! After today, I kind of felt like I was in one of those stereotypical relationship situations. They say they'll call, they don't, and I'm left wondering if it seems too needy and desperate if I'm the one to call. Oh good grief, is this what awkward dating is like?

Anyway, after a week-long battle and over 60 collective minutes of being on hold, my heels are being shipped to me. I win.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shopping at home

Brown Twill Pencil Skirt / Plum faux leather jacket / White sweater from H&M / Black combat boots

I was bored the other day and went shopping in the spare closet. You know the one -- it's rarely opened, used to store the stuff that you don't really need/use but hold on to because you might need it someday. In my house, this closet holds clothes. And I found skirts! Specifically, this twill skirt that I've finally taken a liking to now that I value work clothes. The skirt (and every other skirt on the hanger) was my mom's from the 90's. 

Gotta say, it makes me feel kind of old sometimes that we're at a point in time where a decade that I grew up in has actually cycled back to become trendy again. But the benefit of being a mild packrat is that I don't have to buy anything to be on trend this season. Hello, long jackets with shoulder pads! Yes to midi skirts! 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dirty white

Taupe blazer from Forever 21 / Cream sweater from PacSun / Quilted mint bag from LuLu's / Light wash jeans from PacSun / Twisted gold necklace from Joe Fresh 

You know how people say that wearing white is a magnet for a spill? I've noticed that I do drop things on my white shirts frequently. So much so, that I'm starting to wonder if all my clothes are food-stained and gross. Maybe I'm not messier when I wear white. Maybe my other clothes are just darker so the food gets camouflaged. 

Similarly, I seem to have a thing for dropping chocolate on my jeans at awkward times. The first time, I dropped chocolate on my thigh right before standing up in front of the class to do a presentation. The second time was again on my thigh at school. Because I didn't want it to stain, I *subtly* tried to rub off the chocolate. On my thigh. Then I swear that someone was trying to talk me up as this happened. Let the record show that rubbing a spot on your thigh is never a good idea in public, not even because of food stains.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to: Make florals less girly

Florals have been on trend for a while, but not all of us want to look like we stepped out of a soft meadow from the 50's. Yes, flowers in their essence are pretty and delicate, but with the right styling, you can strike a balance between vintage charm and modern edge.

Starting off with a super feminine floral top as an example for your base, the key is to contrast textures. Try pairing the top with some leather or distressed denim shorts from H&M. Instead of subtle accessories, try some chunkier jewelry, like stacked bracelets or a bold metal necklace. Finally, tie together the look with an ankle boot. I usually opt for classic black, but I'd even try mixing florals with this floral Dr Marten boot found at Union Jack Boots that is pretty much the epitome of edgy and pretty.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sweats suit

Grey houndstooth blazer from Banana Republic / Grey jogging pans from Winners / Crystal statement necklace from Banana Republic / Boxy bag from Forever 21

Up until this year, I have rarely been seen wearing sweatpants. Absolutely never in public, never when I was living on campus, even my roommate expressed shock the one time she caught me wearing sweatpants in the apartment. But all that has changed now. Now that sweatpants (or jogging pants, if you want to play semantics) have been deemed trendy, I can't remember how I've gone so long without comfy pants. And they're so easy to dress up. I just throw a blazer on and I'm good to go to work. I'm an office drone who sits for 95% of the time anyway. Who's gonna really take notice of my pants? As long as it's business on top, right?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feminine tomboy

I've developed a fear that one day, I'll be sitting next to some guy on the subway and we'll essentially be wearing the same thing. Avoiding a whole discourse on gender roles, let's just admit that the general population sees it as fairly strange when a guy and a girl are wearing the same thing in the same setting. Instead of rolling with that irrational fear, I'm rolling with idea that some men just have really good style and I want to steal it. 

For a classic menswear-inspired look with a feminine twist, I took rougher textures like denim and suede and paired them with a flowy chiffon top. To top off the masculine look, try oxford-style boots and a boxy satchel. Finally, add an androgynous watch to tie together the outfit. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Red all over

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, but I do kind of enjoy using it as an excuse to wear red. I'm a little indecisive on what to do this year though. Usually, I do a bold lip, but I'm kind of tired of eating lipstick since the first thing I do when I get to work is have a tea. So my next choice is a bright red top. I love the lace detailing on it, but the bright red isn't my favourite kind of red. I'm much more a fan of deeper reds like in this quilted bowling bag. But I sort of feel like I'm cheating when if I wear burgundy instead of classic Valentine red.

Yeah, when this is the big dilemma on my mind, I have too much time on my hands...

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why being a fashion blogger in the winter sucks

Grey jacket c/o Lovely Wholesale / Geo print sweater c/o Lovely Wholesale / Red plaid scarf from Forever 21 / Blue beanie from Aldo

Being a fashion blogger in Canada during the winter is horrible. I don't care what other people pretend to say, it's horrible.

If you don't live in a condo with a fancy lobby or have a whimsical-looking room, you're forced to go outside to keep up with the content while saying crap like, "It's only -10 degrees outside...that's doable!" If you look really closely, you can see my hand starting to turn blue. But I didn't get frostbite while taking these photos, so it was a good day.

On an average day with the windchill, it feels like -20. So no, I don't prance around in skirts with my jacket open. But when I spend most of my days cycling through sweaters and warm pants, I sort of look forward to these where I can dress up a bit, even for 10 minutes.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter skincare tips

Tis the season of being stupidly cold, frizzy hair, and dry skin. Can you tell that I'm not a winter person? But while I'm curling up at home from the cold, I've been taking time to get into better skin care routines. I hide indoors all winter long, I don't necessarily have to look like I hide in a cave all day.

Everyday routines 

Chapped hands and dry, flaky lips? No thanks. This is a huge no when it comes to your beauty regimen. Make sure that you use alcohol-free solutions on both your hands and lips. While they may seem worlds apart, the skin on your hands and lips are very similar. They are both delicate, and the skin is thinner on these body parts. Alcohol-free salves are the best way of preventing chaps and sores. After all, you don’t want to ditch lipstick, just because it’s winter.

Okay, so these may not be the coolest fashion accessory in the land. But, if you want to make sure that your hands and feet are a dream, it’s vital that you sleep in moisturizing socks and mittens. Your feet can take a pounding in the winter. Socks, tough boots and heels can cause cracks in your heels. So, get your moisturizing socks on to make sure that your toes are pretty and perky.

For a more skin-deep treatment that will go beyond the outer layer of your skin, try Revitol Phytoceramides. The harsh elements can cause damage to all of the layers of skin. You can beat the impact of fine lines and aging that severe weather can bring. It’s not just the sun that you have to be wary of. Many people slather themselves in SPF in the summer, but forget about the impact of winter. So, make sure that you are smoothing your skin with a thick, creamy moisturizer. Not only will your skin be more supple, but a thicker cream will work into all of the layers of skin.

Occasional skin treats 

I've recently become a big fan of using honey mixed with a bit of sugar to create the perfect, holistic scrub. It really works to make my skin glow, but I'll admit it's a challenge trying not to eat honey off my face.

You can also steal some inspiration from Cleopatra by bathing in milk. But, before you start adding dairy to your bath, there are some more contemporary milk-based solutions you can use. Opt for a bubble bath that has at least 12% lactic acid (the ingredient found in milk) for great exfoliating properties.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hair inspiration and trends for 2015

Planning your hairstyles can be daunting. But, in 2015 there is going to be some fantastic alternative hair styles that everyone is going to love. Whether you have short hair or tumbling locks, you can achieve these amazing styles in an instant. In 2014, we all seemed to have overly complicated hairstyles and colours. Thank god for 2015. Now, hair is going to be much more laid back and chic. Perfect!

Casual Braids

Braids are the perfect laidback, ultra cool look. They are perfect for festival season and for hitting the mall with your friends. But, this year, over styling and complicated braids is a huge no-no. It’s all about adding simple braids to your hair. Keep your hair tousled and soft. Use a Remington curling wand for beach-inspired waves. Then, add a handful of skinny braids throughout your hair. It’s the ultimate way to style your hair in a no-nonsense way. It’s an amazing hair style. But, it's ultra-easy to achieve at home. Even hair novices can covet this rocking look.


Please stop walking around with floral crowns like it's Coachella every day. If you want to remain chic and bang on trend for 2015, it’s all about using simple garlands and adornments to your hair. Accessorizing your hair is a simple and easy way to remain fashionable. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories either. Add a simple flower to a low, messy bun. The key to keeping this look ‘indie’ is to make sure that your hair is not overly brushed and sleek. A messy side bun looks perfect with a simple silk scarf or flower adornment. It’s maximum chic without the fuss.


Crimping has become something a hot trend this winter. It’s a great look too. But, the key to bringing this trend bang up to date is to crimp sections of the hair. Opt for a high ponytail and crimp every other section. Add salt spray and backcombing to keep this look fresh. It’s the perfect hairstyle for nights out with the girls.

The Half and Half

This low maintenance hairstyle is perfect for busy girls on the go. Simply take the upper half section of your hair and clip from your head. Leave the under section of your hair to flow freely. Keep the centre parting straight, so that this look can be maintained easily. Add a cute clip or some simple bobby pins. Simple, tousled curls can dress this hair style up for a night out.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Okay, so it's not all about calmer styles this year. Bold colours are perfect for those that want to unleash their inner rock chick. Pastel tones look fabulous on blonde hair. Lilacs, blues and greens are all funky. If you want a semi-permanent solution, hair chalks are perfect for achieving mermaid hair.

Images via Brit+Co, Fashion Face Place, Designs Next

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