Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Streamlining your beauty collection

When it comes to creating the perfect beauty and makeup collection, we often end up buying quite a number of different bits and pieces.

There are certain products that can do two tasks at once. Others are made to supply you with different looks in one container or box. Double-ended products are also super useful.

So, even if your ideal routine includes 20 different items and tools, there are ways you can streamline this. Saving space and avoiding the graveyard of underused makeup products? Yes please.

2 in 1 primer and foundation
Rather than having lots of bottles floating around in your makeup bag or box, combine two of the most important ones together. Look for a foundation that comes with built-in primer. This allows you take up less room in your collection. Furthermore, it will save you precious time both when waiting for the primer to dry, and in overall applying times. Be sure to always add some of the product to both your lips and eyes. Here it can help hold your lip colour and eye products in place, without the need for additional primers.

Eyeshadow palettes
Rather than having numerous eyeshadows in your collection, opt for one great palette instead. An eyeshadow quad palette is always a good bet, as the variety of colours allows you achieve a defined and multi-tonal look. Look for ones that offer a darker shade, two medium shades, and a pale, highlighter shade. If quad palettes don’t quite quench your thirsty, go even bigger. Just be sure that the case or holder they come in is thin and light. If it is heavy, bulky or awkwardly shaped, you’d be better off with multiple little ones!

Clear lip liner
These are a relatively new invention for the high street. It used to be the case that the best lip liner was one that closely matched the shade of your lipstick or lipgloss. However, these days, clear can do the same job. While it doesn’t make your lips look as plump, it does stop it from bleeding at the edges. It can also help it stay on, and stay in place, for longer. Look for one with a fine tip so you can apply it neatly and precisely. This can take the place of all of your different coloured liners when you’re on the move!

Bronzer and blusher palette
Why carry around a blusher and a bronzer when you can have both in one palette? Make sure it is big enough that you can access both individually, however.

Double-ended Mascara
Another thing that can take up a lot of room within your makeup bag is multiple different types of mascara. Maybe you have one for lengthening and another for thickening. Perhaps you like to use different wands, so have one for upper lashes and a smaller one for lower lashes. Instead of carrying all of these around with you, get a double-ended mascara instead! If it’s thickening you’re after, go for one that has a thickening substance at one end, and then a deep black mascara at the other end.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

6 ways to look amazing even when you don’t feel it

We all want to look our best. But presenting our best self to the world takes time and energy. And sometimes we just don’t feel it. We may be under the weather or just a bit blah. Whatever the reason, we don’t always feel like making ourselves Instagram ready. On these days follow our simple steps to no-fuss understated style.

1. Emergency Makeup Kit

Always have an emergency makeup kit. This should contain only the bare essentials. Forget the bells and whistles. A good emergency kit should contain:

Primer: Yes, this is an essential item. Put your foundation on without and you will see the difference. Primer smoothes your skin, creating the optimum base for your makeup.

Concealer: Another essential item. This should be a shade lighter than your foundation cream.

Foundation Cream: Once you have identified a colour that suits your skin tone, you’ve nailed it.

Small Eyeshadow Palette: A small palette with neutral colours.

Mascara: A no-fuss brand that is easy to apply.

Lipstick: Again, a neutral shade to match the eyeshadow.

So, on the days that you don’t feel like spending time contouring and doing your brows, just use your makeup staples.

2. Clothes

Set aside some clothes that are easy to wear and stylish. Brands such as Minkpink have just the right touch of cool elegance. Opt for items that you can throw on and not worry about coordinating too much. Maxi dresses, shirt dresses, and shifts are great for this.

Keep clothing laundered and in good condition. Mend any tears or holes as soon as they appear. Make sure that everything is at your disposal so you don’t have to hunt around when you’re tired.

A smart coat or jacket will complete the ensemble and ensure your look your best when you leave the house.

3. Accessories

Accessories make an outfit. They can transform a simple outfit into something fun or striking. Have a few key pieces that suit a range of clothing choices. Statement necklaces, belts, and chunky bracelets work well. The thing about accessories is that they always make you seem ‘put together’..

4. Shoes

Your choice of footwear will depend on your outfit. But ensure your shoes are looked after and ready to wear. Keep them clean and polished. If the heels are looking a little worn, take them to the cobbler. Nothing says hurried and unkempt like scruffy shoes.

5. Hair

If you don’t feel like going to town on your hair, have a few go-to styles you can fall back on. For medium and long hair opt for a ballerina bun or a twist and pin style. If your hair is short, opt for a style that takes minimal care.

6. Attitude

Your overall look is as much down to your attitude as to the items you’re wearing. If you leave the house with slumped shoulders and looking glum, that’s exactly the look you’ll portray. However, if you have a confident posture, you will immediately transform your overall appearance.

What are your tricks for looking good when you feel anything but?

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Work to weekend

Cobalt blue blazer from H&M / Mustard yellow shorts from Forever 21 / Floral dress (as a top) from Shein / Peeptoe booties from Guess

Every weekday, I'm cooped up in corporate clothes, sometimes wondering if the extra half-inch of my shoulder I'm bearing is too much for my conservative office. When Friday evening comes, I welcome to this opportunity to show off some leg. When I know I'm going straight from work to a social event, I just want to change quickly, without the hassle of having to lug around my change of clothes after. So, I came up with a way to incorporate my Casual Friday outfit into my Friday night out.

It's simple - I just tucked the dress into my shorts. Okay, it's a little bulky, but with some loose fitted boyfriend shorts, there was room to spare anyway. It's quick, easy, and I don't have to worry about something falling into the toilet while I change in a bathroom stall. 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Three benefits of hiring a personal shopper for clothing

There are too many days where I open my closet and sigh at having to decide what to wear. Yet somehow, I can open up that same closet an hour later and huff about not having enough clothes. Sometimes, I wish someone could just make these decisions for me. Here are just some of the main benefits of hiring a personal shopper for your clothing.

They Know the Best Deals

A personal shopper’s job is to shop till they drop. That’s why they’re the people to go to if you want to get all the best deals on clothing, as they know exactly where to find all the bargains. Shopping as a job means that you have to know a lot about where to buy from, including when the sales are on or where you can pick up the best quality clothes at value prices. Personal shoppers know exactly where to look for what you’re hoping to wear, for example great value prom dresses from Ax Paris rather than a designer boutique, saving you a decent amount of money.

Save Money

You may be wondering how it’s possible to pay a personal shopper to clothes shop for you, and actually save money? The truth is, it’s more than possible. Have you ever found yourself clothes shopping with a budget in mind, only to completely blow it as you keep finding items of clothing that you like? When you hire a personal shopper, that won’t happen. They will shop according to the budget that you have given them, and won’t go over your maximum spending amount unless you specifically ask them to. So, if you’re worried that you’re always spending far too much money on clothes, a personal shopper could help you out.

Look Better

Personal shoppers are fully invested in making sure that you look your best, all the time. If you find that you always seem to choose clothes just because you like them and not because they actually suit you, you might have ended up with a wardrobe of clothes that you never wear because whilst they look great on the hanger, you don’t like the way they look on you. A personal shopper will take a range of different factors into account in order to make sure that they only choose clothing that will look good on you. You might be surprised – more often than not, personal shoppers choose clothing that you would never have gone for, and it actually looks better on you than anything you would have chosen. If you’re desperate to be able to look your best, hiring a personal shopper can help you achieve this.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A free ride when you've already paid

Cobalt blue blazer from H&M / Striped dress from Vero Moda / Thin black tie (aka. a thick piece of ribbon)

I'm basically a walking Alanis Morissette song. Many things in life are uncertain, but the one thing I can always count on is "irony". 

The other day, I was at my boyfriend's place, rummaging through the cabinets for a snack. The only thing I found was a box of half-eaten expired crackers. Ignoring his warning not to eat expired food, I proceeded to tell a story about how I bought a box of expired crackers right off the shelf last week by accident, and everything was tasty and fine. Two crackers into the current box, I notice a little brown spot on my cracker. Then I noticed its legs. 

It happens with bigger things too. Like, I'm in the communications industry but I don't actually like talking to people. Or purging all my old clothes, only to have the 90s/early 00s come back into style. 

But that's all probably a little too wordy to put into a song though. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The ultimate guide to accessorizing

Accessories are a key part of fashion. So much so that they can make or break an outfit. I like my accessories, but sometimes I feel like I can go a little overboard, especially if my outfit should already speak for itself. Between juggling creative mix-n-match and minimalist trends, accessorizing isn't always easy. So, I've come up with this guide to help ensure that your accessories are on point.

Understand Your Accessories

First of all, you need to understand why accessorizing an outfit is worth it. Many fashionistas think of wearing accessories as a creative process that allows them to give life to their personality. Some even consider it an art form. But that isn’t the main reason why you should be accessorizing. They can help you stand out, sure, but they will also help you save money. How is that possible? If you have lots of accessories that you can pair with different outfits, you won’t have to buy as many clothes so often. You’ll be able to keep experimenting with various items to create a myriad of looks. Being able to be this creative with your wardrobe will certainly cut down on all your shopping.

Start Small

If you have never really accessorized before, it can feel quite daunting at the start. However, start small and you can gradually build up to wearing huge pieces of bling! One of the easiest ways to get into accessorizing is to start off with small pieces of jewelry. They don’t have to be too brash; just some simple stud earrings will work. If you don’t own any jewelry yet, you can take a look at online retailers such as elf925 online sterling silver jewelry. Once you feel confident about wearing jewelry, branch out to other accessories. You could start wearing metallic belts with jumper dresses or top off your work outfit with a sophisticated hat.

Glam Up Ill-Fitting Clothing

It can be very annoying to get home with some new clothes, just to find that they don’t fit you! First of all, that’s why you should always try on the clothes in the store! Secondly, there’s no need to worry – accessorizing can help you out! Invest in some expensive shoes and handbags. Then all you need to do is add these to an outfit that is slightly oversized or doesn’t look quite right. Glamorous shoes and handbags will take everyone’s attention away from the slightly below-par outfit. You never know, everyone might think you intended it to look that way! So remember this tip next time you think you’ve wasted money on clothes – chances are you can save the outfit!

Use Accessories To Add Colour

If you always seem to wear black or dark shades, accessories are a very easy way to add a burst of color to your outfit. And you won’t have to go out and buy new clothes as colorful accessories always look better against a dark outfit. You can stick to your dark color tones in your usual work outfit. But how about adding some of your vibrant personality by adding a bright handbag? Belts and scarfs are also fantastic for adding colors. And you don’t have to stop there – how about playing with patterns too? You’ll find that animal print is having a moment at the minute, and there are many scarves, shoes, bags, and belts covered in it! You can always go the opposite way and wear plain accessories with a very colorful outfit. Some bold black belts, jewelry, or a scarf can help to break up a vibrant outfit which would have otherwise looked too much.

Don’t Forget Your Hair

Accessories can go in our hair as well and add some style to our hairdo! If you have ever attended a wedding, then you will know how extreme hair accessories can be. Fascinators are often worn at weddings, but there’s no reason why they have to be restricted to these special days. Just like a hat, you wear them on top of your head. However, they are a lot smaller than hats so will show off more of your hairdo. And the best thing? You won’t get the dreaded hat hair! They are usually very expensive in the shops, but many people choose to make their own at home. If you aren’t feeling too confident about wearing a fascinator, you can keep things simple with some cool hair clips and bobbles.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to: Get easy effortless waves with a hair straightener

Having super thin hair, I like having a bit of volume to my hair without a lot of effort. Reading other tutorials, I don't know what their normal routine encompasses, but I don't consider mousse, hairspray, hair pins, and 10+ minutes to be "effortless". So, I came up with my own trick that only takes 2-5 minutes and no extra fuss.

My Irresistable Me professional flat iron instantly heats up, which really helps when I press snooze too many times. With diamond and tourmaline technology, I actually don't need to spray my hair before use because my hair is truly still smooth and not fried afterwards. 

How to get the look: Instead of wasting time sectioning off my hair, I just grab strands and start curling. To do this, clamp the strand of hair between the straightener and pull the hair while curling inwards, holding the straightening iron vertically. I like really loose waves, so curling from the mid-section of my hair to the end of each strand typically takes about 3 seconds at 370 degrees heat. 

The beauty about these messy waves is that it really doesn't matter if you're a little sloppy with the technique. Some waves bigger than others? Miss a few strands? No problem! Remember, effortless waves should actually be effortless. Just run your fingers through your hair a bit and you're good to go. I still have a few fly-aways in my finished photo below, but I kind of like it like that - it really adds to the "I woke up like this" polished messy look.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

How to: Wear a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are dresses that typically reach all the way to the floor. They can come in different shapes, patterns, and colours, but they can be notoriously hard to style for some people. Some people naturally throw on any maxi dress and incredible, while others need to put a little more thought into things. Here’s what you should know to pull off a maxi dress:

Keep Things versatile With Layering

You don’t have to wear a maxi dress by itself every time. You can keep things nice and versatile by layering your dress up in different ways. You can wear a turtleneck underneath a v neck dress for warmth and interest. Adding jackets and different things will always make your outfits look more interesting.

Add Edgy Accessories

Edgy accessories will give your dress more personality and character. Why not wear your dress with a cool hat, or some statement bangles? You can play around with different accessories you like to see what works best for you. Adding accessories like this will give your dress the wow factor! You can’t go wrong with a black maxi dress. You can pair anything with it and it’ll still look great.

Structured Pieces Make Them Great For Work

Think you can’t wear a maxi dress for work? Think again! Structured pieces make them great for work, so add a nice blazer or jacket to smarten up your look. Although maxi dresses are a good casual piece, this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways of dressing them up. You can wear them any time!

White Sneakers Make The Perfect Casual Shoe

So many people would have you believe that there are only certain types of shoe you should wear with your maxi dress. Sandals and wedges do look great with maxi dresses. Platforms can look great too. However, white sneakers make the perfect casual shoe. Converse or vans will add a casual element and make your dress more wearable for day to day. Many people wear flip flops with these dresses as a way of keeping things casual, but adding a white sneaker could be a cool way to change it up.

Wear The Right One For Your Shape

Knowing your body shape and what suits it is important when you want to wear something like the maxi dress. They aren’t all created equal. Some are great for straight up and down girls who want to create curves, while others will make pear shaped girls more proportionate. Know what kind you need to look for to enhance your shape and you’ll look a million dollars. You don’t always need to stick to these ‘rules’, but they can flatter you if that’s what you want!

I hope these tips have helped give you an idea of how you can pull off that maxi dress you’ve been eyeing. Remember, wearing anything and pulling it off is about having the confidence to do so. These tips will help, but you need to channel the confidence too. Have fun!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to: Get that 70s look

The '70s were an iconic time for a lot of reasons—Watergate, Pink Floyd, M*A*S*H*, disco, Star Wars—the decade was filled with memorable moments in history that are still revisited today.

But there's arguably no '70s-inspired aspect that's more prominently represented in modern, day-to-day life than the fashion.

Now, we're not talking about leaving the house without a bra on. Sure, going braless is a pretty accurate way of representing the free spirit and themes of women's empowerment that were popular at the time, but there are much more practical, and less obscure ways to represent your love of the decade.

For starters, forget skin-tight, fitted tops, and try to embrace tunics with a loose, flowing silhouette. The tops are ideal if you want to recreate the free and open-minded mentality of the 1970s (with a bra of course).

If you're willing to look outside of the box a bit, plus-sized designs, and even some maternity clothes can be a great way to achieve the look. Their empire styles or designs without cinched waists are a great solution for creating a look that ebbs and flows with your moves instead of clinging to every curve of your body. If you take a look at some of the most popular styles from Woman Within, you can see that bright, busy patterns aren't hard to come by in plus-sized clothing. Try a boho top that incorporates lace or knitted floral embroidery for added '70s flare.

In addition to that flowing top, you can't recreate your '70s style without the right accessories. According to Lisa Armstrong from The Telegraph, several choice accessories can easily make an outfit era appropriate. For example, you can try a floppy, wide brim hat, platform sandals, or a purse adorned with suede fringe. And let's not forget the crucial jewelry.

Armstrong recommends that you try to incorporate "teeny-tiny florals or vertical and chevron stripes. Mix and clash them, or amp up the drama of plains with big, sculptural jewellery."

And finally, rediscover your flair for flares. If you're like many of us who buy pieces that will last, your quality flares are probably held up in the back of your closet somewhere, waiting for their day to be back in the spotlight.

Well, today is the day. Bustle reporter Stephanie Chon officially declared the flare jeans, and their '70s-inspired style, "timeless" as well as an easy way to represent your favorite denim in a fun and flattering way.

When discussing flares, Chon says that "they're going to become a closet essential for the upcoming colder seasons, it's time to start looking for the best flare jeans for fall now." But flares can vary from boyfriend cuts to skinnies and flares so big at the bottom that you trip over them. Follow her guide to find the pair that's best for your '70s style.

You might not have lived through the 1970s, but that doesn't mean you can't embrace the style that defined the decade. Grab a few loose fitting tops, some bold colors, and pair of flares, and you're well on your way to challenging the style of any hippy that dares to cross your path!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Beauty Junkies

I wouldn't call myself a makeup junkie, but if you consider having a strict makeup ritual and refusing to leave the house without foundation and eyeliner for a confidence boost...then okay, maybe I am a bit of an addict. Fortunately, if we do know a beauty lover or makeup addict, they will always be easy to shop for. Well, the idea of makeup. But choosing a specific item can be a bit of a challenge. With constant new products and developments, there's always something new to try. Check out the inspiration below if you’re shopping for a makeup maniac:

Palettes and Kits

Makeup palettes have become hugely popular thanks to their cult-status on YouTube and Instagram. Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes are particularly popular, along with Lorac's Unzipped Palette. New releases from Anastasia also regularly hit the beauty headlines. It's easy to see why palettes are so popular. They are compact, attractive, and easy to travel with. With a wide range of colours and textures, it’s possible to create an entire look with the use of only a single palette. They are easy to wrap and feel like a substantial, thoughtful gift. Palettes like the ones listed above are particular favourites because they feature neutral colours. They suit every skin tone and can be used to create a variety of looks.

Gift Cards and Trips

You may find yourself buying for a makeup addict but have no idea where to begin. Perhaps you are a bit of a makeup newbie yourself and don’t have the time or inclination to read the latest blogs on what is popular. But you still want to treat someone to an item you know they’d love. Why not consider an entire beauty experience? A simple experience could mean a trip to a beauty store together. You could have makeovers at the counter together, shop for products, and investigate new releases. You could give your friend a budget and allow them to show till they drop - all on you. Perhaps you could even take a trip to a beauty convention together like the ABA Beauty Show or Beautycon. A gift card can be much appreciated too. It takes the pressure off having to find something suitable, but allows them a gift that they will really love.

The Extras

There are more beauty gadgets and extras around than ever before. Someone might not be able to justify treating themselves but would always love to receive a gift. There is nothing more exciting for a beauty lover than trying out a product or item they have never even heard of! High quality tweezers or eyelash curlers can be a genuine cult favourite. False eyelashes are a wonderful gift for the experienced makeup aficionado too. Check out the hidden parts of makeup stores and websites to discover an unexpected treasure.

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