Monday, January 30, 2017

Cosmetic hacks to improve your beauty routine

A lot of people know that there are right ways to apply makeup and wrong ways. But a lot of people aren’t as well-versed in what makes methods right or wrong as they think they are. Let’s take a look at some great cosmetic hacks that can help perfect your beauty routine.

Saving on cosmetics

Makeup is something that people are so often wasting money on. I’m not saying that buying makeup is a waste of money, of course! What I’m saying is that people often end up spending a lot more than they really have to. That’s because there is a lot of waste when it comes to cosmetics.

One of the most common problems is the excess makeup that can be found with most products; the stuff that sticks to the sides or the bottom of the containers that a lot of people just end up throwing away. Don’t underestimate how useful that excess stuff can be - use coins and knives to carefully scrape excess makeup back into use! Another problem is that people often forget that you can get cosmetics for less than your local beauty store is selling it for. For example, you find a Kiko coupon code on

The magic of spoons

People really underestimate the usefulness of spoons when it comes to a beauty routine. You may, in fact, be wondering what I could possibly be suggesting in relation to spoons. Some of you may have guessed already that there is one particular area I could be referring to, given the round shape of a spoon: the eyes!

A spoon can work really well for eye cosmetics in two ways. The first is holding the spoon so it’s “hugging” your eyelid when you apply mascara. This keeps you from getting mascara on your eyelids if you’re not that accurate! Another way a spoon comes in handy is when you’re creating eyeliner “wings”. Use the handle of the spoon to get the straight, upwards line, then use the curve of the spoon to trace the curved part of the wing. I usually like reading guides more than watching videos, but I highly recommend watching tutorials on winged eyeliner tips - seriously a game-changer.

Lipstick tricks

Lipstick can pose a bunch of problems even if you’re really smart about how you apply it! It seems that even the most beautiful and deep shades of lipstick fade away much faster than they should - and I haven’t even mentioned the mess it can make! Finding lipstick on your teeth is never a pleasant experience, especially when you know that other people must have already seen it! To avoid this, the best thing to do is stick your finger in your mouth. Sounds odd, but trust me! Form an O with your lips around your finger, then gently slide your finger out. That excess lipstick will now be on your finger instead of waiting to cling to your teeth!

Another lipstick trick to make your pout last: hold some tissue over your mouth after applying the lipstick, then dust translucent powder over the area. This helps set the colour without creating a mess!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The sea was angry that day

Boxy striped blouse c/o Zaful / Denim shorts from Target / Sequin bag c/o Dresslily

My recent buys and finds lately have been quite boring. When you spend 5 days a week in a stuffy office, I get more bang for my buck when I buy work clothes over weekend clothes. Blazers in every colour, straight cut pants...boring. So when I saw this blouse, it had been the first time in a while that I had genuinely been excited about clothing. A shirt that I can tuck in and dress up during the office, then dress down for the weekend? Yes please.

Also in an effort to mix fun into my work wardrobe, I've been obsessed with accessories to add a subtle punch to my outfit. And I'm not talking about statement necklaces. When all the "how to add fun to your work wardrobe" guides suggest "bling", guess what - it's not unique anymore. This sequin bag is my new go-to for a truly unique accessory. I love how it adds a classy touch to a boring or casual outfit without being too overwhelming.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Simplicity over minimalism

"So what's your New Year's resolution?"

I've heard this question a lot lately, like most of you have. But I have the same answer as always: "Whatever, who knows - we'll see where the year takes me".

Sure, my answer is 40% laziness, 10% fear of failure, and 30% indecisiveness, but that still leaves 20% for a genuine desire to be more flexible and nonchalant. And there's definitely space to improve. After being asked what my resolution is so many times, sometimes I wonder whether I'm wrong or missing something for not wanting to make a concrete goal at the beginning of the year. But what is this weird form of peer pressure? Why do I feel the need to tell others that I'm setting objectives for myself if I already like the path that I'm on?

Let's compare this to the minimalism trend. How many times have you heard "effortlessly chic"? And how many of us know the real pain behind the scenes of using pomade, combs, and hairspray to get that Instagramable messy "I woke up like this" look. What is this obsession that we have with trying to make it look like we have it all together without putting in the effort?

So my unofficial attitude (I'm not ready to commit to a resolution yet) for 2017 is that I want to really start living with a simplified thought process. Truly going with the flow and not sweatin' the small stuff.

With that in mind, please accept these photos because I was too lazy to do my nails and I don't want to put on the facade that I did anything productive but eat over the holidays. This gorgeous bar ring from oNecklace is my new go-to piece of jewellery though. It's simple, classy, and matches everything.

The gold name necklace pictured was a gift to my mother, who loved how easy it was for this piece to transition from day to night, even to the gym! It's subtle, but poignant. And it comes in a lovely gift box that gives it an expensive feel, but at under $60, it's super affordable.

I've received a couple of oNecklace pieces before in the past and I love the quality of them all. I wouldn't give it a second thought to order from them again. Now if only I could adopt that kind of certainty in my everyday life...

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