Thursday, March 31, 2011

An overdue outfit post

I'm not a morning person. So it's a tad frightening to know that I would drag myself out of bed early on a Monday morning for the sake of a photoshoot.  This was the second collaboration for me and isabeltphotography.  For both our convenience, we decided to shoot on campus near the residence buildings.

I'd call this outfit my first attempt at the 50s romantic feminine style.  The results of this have inspired me to continue searching for more pieces to add to this nostalgic collection.  The scarf actually inspired this outfit.  Looking at the shades of blue and grey, I wanted an outfit that reflected it.  That's where I pulled out a silver shirt and denim skirt.  While it was nice on its own, the light pink cardigan definitely tied the look together.

What I'm wearing: 
-Light pink Jcrew Cardigan 
-Blue striped Le Chateau scarf
-Silver tank top 
-Denim pleaded Le Chateau skirt 
-Grey ribbed socks from Costa Blanca 
-Black heels from Winners 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My weekend as a Social Media Intern

Here's a little glimpse at what it was like to be in my 2-inch heels during Ottawa Fashion Week.

It's 4:05. People are already starting to arrive. But the media/VIP passes aren't ready yet (Yes, folks- I've read all your concerns and displeasure with this)!  I'm not quite a people person, but I was asked to help out with registration, so I tried. Apparently going through pages of guests and identifying them and their guests isn't my thing.  I didn't have much luck the day after that either. When trying to move the registration table, it collapsed and fell on my toes.  Thank goodness for closed-toe heels. Can you imagine if I listened to suggestions and wore flats?

Luckily, the majority of my job involves mingling with guests and attending the runway shows in the Great Hall.  The first day was great- front row seats for every show.  It's just a shame I was toying around with my camera settings during this day, so my photos from Day 1 aren't that great.

Me and fellow Social Media Intern, Emily slaving away over phones and cameras (via The Fashion Keeper)
On Day 2, when I wasn't in the front row, I still wanted good photos for our Facebook page. So I ventured to the photo pit.  My first experience wasn't good- I was taking photos seated backwards on the floor...if that makes any sense.  I get what people mean when they say, "You can be in the photo pit if you can fight for a spot".

Thanks, CTV for capturing me hard at work...I think I know which picture that is!
On the third day, I found myself in the photo pit more often than in the front row. I didn't mind though- the lighting and angles at the end of the runway were terrific. Except I still have bruises on my knees from when I was sitting under a tripod- that was the only space I could get! I'm still not sure if I'd do that again for the sake of photography. And of course, there's tweeting whenever I got the chance.

It's a tad intimidating being there with all their professional gear (considering how I use a point-and-shoot). Photo via Christopher Pike.
Overall, Ottawa Fashion Week has been the highlight of my year (until next season!).  I've had amazing opportunities and met some great people.  I honestly still can't believe that I experienced this in my real life. Time for a reality check- back to the boring student life.

OFW F/W 2011 team (photo via Marc Lavoie)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I told my mom that I was volunteering for OFW, there's one thing she kept repeating: get one of the swag bags! I didn't take a regular admission bag, and I hardly even know what was in the VIP ones.  Though the bag left in the first row of Walk the Truth's charity gala held a lovely piece of jewellery from frAsh.

This lovely gold chained necklace comes fashioned with a lovely turquoise stone, two gleaming beads (purple and magenta), and a small gold pendant.  I absolutely adore this piece, especially because I have almost no gold jewellery.  The length of the chain comes down to right above my belly button- I've been on the hunt for a long necklace! It's also great for a variety of styles.  It's been a great addition to my almost non-existent hippie/boho look.

For more unique jewellery, check out frAsh's website here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week highlights

I did 18 posts for OFW in the past week. I don't blame you if you didn't look at them all. So here's the final Ottawa Fashion Week designer-related post on my favourites from the shows; a summary post, if you will.  This season's theme seemed to be vintage, feminine, and edgy.  Especially creative pieces peaked my interest.  While I appreciate casual ready-to-wear collections, it's the bold pieces that make a statement. To me, that's what fashion's meant to be- pushing the boundaries to create something innovative and unique.

Day 1

Yola Couture

Yola Couture
Birds of North America
Khala Morgan
Yola Couture
Emilia Torabi & Jana Hanzel
Khala Morgan

Day 2

Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre
Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre

Adib Simon

Day 3

Adrian Wu

The Escape Movement
The Escape Movement
Anomal Couture

Anomal Couture

Karen McClintock

Adrian Wu

All these photos were taken by me, but belong to Ottawa Fashion Week. 

Next on the OFW-aftermath of posts:
-My life as a Social Media Intern
-How I dealt with the all black dress code

Saturday, March 26, 2011

OFW- Walk the Truth chairty gala

Africa's Chidren-Africa's future brought together fashion and passion with its Walk the Truth Charity Gala.  The event opened with live singing from an outstanding choir, followed by informative slides on HIV/AIDS and how the organization is helping those in need.  The inspiration concept of this runway show was that children were asked what HIV/AIDS means to them.  Based on their answers, designers were asked to create garments revolving around those themes.  Themes included Walk for Life, Walk for Hope, and Walk for Death. The garments created were both beautiful and inspiring.  Pieces reflecting Life glimmered with colour and delicacy as pieces that reflected Death brought on a more somber and dark veil.  Overall, I was extremely pleased to have seen such creativity with the pieces, especially considering the great cause that they are all working towards.

Visit to bid on these fabulous items & more.  All proceeds go to ACAF's support and education programs.

Jessica Biffi

Ryerson School of Fashion

Ryerson School of Fashion

Valerie Dumaine

Pat McDonagh

Isobel Walker

Jana Hanzel

Chris Paunil

Haley Gibson for Birds of North America

Jorge Midence

Nazanin Taheri

Adib Simon

Terri Potratz for 'larry.'

Samuel Opoku
And a video featuring the whole Walk the Truth collection:

All images and video were taken by me, but belong to Ottawa Fashion Week.

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