Friday, December 27, 2013

Before and after

Like most of the world, I get reflective during this time of year. Or panicky because a new year's about to start and I haven't done enough with my life or I need to do more with my life...etc, etc, blah blah blah. It's funny how a day on the calendar can spark panic, even if I have no reason to. Especially since I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. Just because it's another year, doesn't mean that it's the right time to start a goal. Unless you're really in the right mindset, you're not gonna stick with your resolution based on the reasoning that it's a new beginning.

So here's my little look back at my favourite style moments of 2013:

And here's to looking forward to 2014. I'm excited to report that I've been contacted by Tacicco and I'll be showing off some of their leather bags to you in the new year. Great structures, colorblock, and vibrant shades. What's not to love? 

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Friday, December 20, 2013

How to: Easy DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tis the season for festive holiday sweaters. And while ugly Christmas sweaters have become popular, do you really want an ugly sweater or do you want a cute Christmas sweater with a few tacky touches? If your answer is the latter, this is the guide for you. I'm not handy. I'm not crafty. And I swear that if I can do it, you can do it.

What you'll need: 
-Christmas stocking 
-Needle and thread (substitute for hot glue gun, if you'd like)

1.) Find a Christmas stocking with a festive character on it. Bonus points if you find one that acts a bit 3D, like a snowman with its nose sticking out. I found one at the dollar store. 
Then cut it out and sew (or glue) it onto the centre of the sweater. Don't worry about the centering or stitches being perfect because hey, it's supposed to be ugly. 

 2.) Use felt to cut out the shape of holly leaves, then add pompoms together as the berries. I chose to put the hollies on the shoulder of the sweater so they look like little shoulder ornaments. Also called "epaulettes", if you want to be fancy.

3.) Use some garland to add some shiny bling to your sweater. Put it on your character, decorate the outline of the character, line the sleeves and/or the neckline of the sweater, whatever! Be creative and tacky.

4.) Cut out some felt snowflakes and stick them on the sweater. No two snowflakes are alike. But again, remember that this is an ugly Christmas sweater. The snowflakes don't have to be intricately beautiful. I folded the felt into quarters and cut a triangle into each edge and corner for this shape. Then, scatter them around the sweater.

And there you have it! An ugly, but loveable Christmas sweater that you won't be ashamed to wear in public. Super easy, super cheap, and a super way to get attention at those holiday gatherings.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Catching light

It's that time of life when people start getting engaged. Similarly, it's that time of season when people reconvene, reunite, and show off their engagement rings. I don't know if it's just some kind of a switch that turns on when a girl becomes a 20-something, but I've taken notice to engagement rings sitting on fingers lately. Although it's hard to tell, because that just might be my short attention span saying, "Ooh shiny". For now though, I'm currently content with my gold ring that costs under 5 bucks. And it's prettier than some of the thousand dollar rings that I've seen.

Gold crystal ring c/o eFoxcity / Long grey cardigan / Pink sweater from H&M / Studded bow bag / Floral tulle skirt

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Sunday, December 8, 2013


To celebrate the end of the school semester, I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Well okay, I exaggerate. I really just watched Pixar movies and laughed at the jokes and references that I didn't get as a kid. And when I did have to go out, I went with clothes that would feel like pajamas. A dress is like a long pajama top and a sweater is just a short robe. And just to make this extra fancy, using a belt to define proportions really does the trick. As does jewellery. But we knew that already, right.

Grey Vero Moda sweater /  Black mesh dress / Quilted messenger bag / Over-the-knee socks

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Stripes

Tis the season to go see friends and family and be merry and such. I like to dress up when I go out, since I spend the greater part of my day in my pajamas if I'm being a coach potato at home. But with cold temperatures, it can be hard to motivate myself to put on a dress. I made an exception though for this striped dress from Surfdome. I've been looking for a white dress for a while, and it's a pretty big deal that this dress isn't see through, which is especially unattractive in the winter when you're sporting tights underneath. Sure, it's a fun summer dress in essence, but under a few layers, it still works for winter. And if I do say so myself, it's still just as cute.

Vero Moda striped flared dress c/o Surfdome (similar dresses here) / Leather jacket / Black scarf from Dynamite / Knit hat from Forever 21 / Tall boots from Nine West

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Plot it out in black and white

A dusting of snow is already on the ground, so that means that we'll be seeing more monotone black peacoats and black yoga pants against white (and eventually dingy) snow. On one hand, all the black and white can be a bit depressing and boring. But on the other, you never have to worry about matching colours together.

Contrast trim blouse from Smart Set / Faux leather skirt / Grey cardigan from Zellers / Chunky chain necklace

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Charlie Brown

I have a thing for drawing inspiration from cartoon characters. My current inspiration is Charlie Brown. For a cartoon kid, he has quite the nervous character with just the right amount of dry sarcasm. As someone who took 13 tries to hit a baseball in Gr.9 gym class, I can relate to his struggles of not being able to kick a football. As someone who is a bit socially awkward, I'd have trouble asking out the Little Red-Haired Girl too. As someone who can barely fold a piece of paper symmetrically, I'd end up ruining my Halloween ghost costume too by messing up the eye holes.

I'm also someone who can appreciate that he wore chevron before it was cool. So I'm copying that wicked style, but with a monotone palette. In other news, this bag has two sets of handles and one strap. Yes, three distinct ways to hold it. I have never seen a bag with so many handles.

Chevron sweater c/o Chic Nova / Green purse c/o Persunmall / Black skirt from Garage / Combat Boots

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to: Mix cute and edgy

I've had a soft spot for cute winter/Christmas sweaters this season. But I'm a bit wary of wearing festive prints that look like they could be worn by a five year old. So if I'm gonna pull off a cute sweater, I'd want to style it with a more edgy look to balance out the holiday cheer.

Playing with proportions is a great way to pull off a refined and cool look. Oversized sweaters are the way to go this season, which look great with a fitted skinny jean tucked into classic black ankle boots. Oversized is also the way to go for your accessories. Reach for a larger tote bag rather than a small purse (and this is also a lot more functional!). If your sweater isn't overly busy, pair it with a chunky necklace, which can take a bit of the attention off the cuteness of the sweater. And finally, adding a beanie is a great way to top off the look (get it?) with a cozy touch.

And there you go- 3 C's of winter wear. Cute, cozy, cool.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It's such a refreshing change to see an original and innovative company. Woodzee offers a great collection of sunglasses made entirely from real wood. I was impressed at how light the frames were and that they were styled to show off the wooden finish distinctively. They also have different kinds of woods and colours to suit any taste.  But I was especially impressed with the company's commitment to environmental initiatives. You can actually plant the tag and it'll grow into wildflowers. To me, this was the cherry on top of an amazing product. There might be other companies that offer wooden sunglasses, but tell me how many offer embedded plant seeds? It may not be much, but I appreciate their efforts to get me to take an active role in (re)connecting with nature.

I even wanted to frolic in the fallen leaves, and I never wanna do that. 'Cause y'know...dirt and bugs and stuff.

Sierra wooden sunglasses c/o Woodzee / Light brown pleather jacket from Cleo / Floral Skirt / Red boots

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I stumbled upon a series of abandoned hospital buildings and decided to poke around a bit. Eventually, I found a building with an unlocked door and walked right in. Among broken glass windows and peeling wallpaper, there were a few isolated posters on the wall still that reminded guests to wash their hands to avoid spreading disease within this children's hospital. I wandered up the stairs, but totally got spooked once I heard a noise, which could have been someone/something upstairs or the wind playing tricks on my mind.

Exploring an abandoned building was kinda cool and I was caught up in the rush. Then afterwards, I remembered that I'm a total chicken when it comes to this kind of stuff. And people asking how Silent Hill-esque the exploration was didn't help. I don't actually know what Silent Hill is about, but I know it's a scary movie. And please don't tell me.

Also, it was a bit hard to find the buildings threatening when "Happiness will find when you stop hiding" was spray-painted along an outside wall. Gotta love that inspirational Canadian graffiti.

Leather peplum top / Grey bomber jacket / Light denim jeans from Pac Sun / Combat boots from Persunmall

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