Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: UKYS custom shirt tailoring app

Tailor-made fashion is typically associated with a high quality fits, professional experiences, and a high price tag to match. Rarely do I see anything truly worthy of being called "fashion innovation", but UKYS has the potential to shake up the way we consume tailored clothing. UKYS has created an app that takes your photos to create precision measured fitted dress shirts for around $80! And you get to customize your shirt to fit your style preferences.

How it works:

Since UKYS specializes in men's shirts, I went through this process with my boyfriend. With the UKYS app, you start off by choosing the shirt colour you'd like. You then get to choose a series of customizations, including shirt fit, collar style, cuff style, and trim patterns.

Once you're finished your selections, the app plays a video that will guide you through the measurement process. Using a series of photos, UKYS is able to capture your body's measurements, where professional tailors are then able to create your fitted shirt. At a 10 ft distance from your iPhone or iPad, you will need to take photos for your front view, back view, and side profile. UKYS makes it clear that privacy is a priority for them, which is why your face is blurred in photos before they even reach the company. No worries if your photos aren't quite right, because a rep from UKYS will reach out to let you know that the photos need to be redone, so you don't have to worry about processing an order with poor measurements.

The result:

Blown away. I am so impressed by the results. The fit was absolutely perfect, which is especially difficult to achieve with an inverted triangle body type. The cotton material feels like great quality, however the colour was a bit off from what I expected. It looked more like a midnight blue rather than a navy. Overall, I'd order again in a heartbeat. No where else can you get a tailored shirt from the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the price. I highly recommend UKYS.

Now on Kickstarter, UKYS is looking for backing! At only $76, you can get your own tailored shirt (or get it as a gift) and be part of this revolutionary experience. Seriously, do it. It's so worth it.

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