Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Foreign familiarity

Black check scarf c/o Dresslily / Green winter coat from StyleWe

First of all, I'd like to say that if you're going to Iceland in late September like I did, do not try to be stylish. It's not worth it. "I'm Canadian. I'm used to bad winters. How bad could it be?" Serves me right for thinking that I could get away with a women's blazer and jeans, trying the effortlessly cool. Turns out I was just cold. Maybe it was just my timing, but it was super windy. And rainy. And sunny. And hail-y. Be practical because the weather changes quickly. Now that I'm back, I'm laughing at how I was freezing from getting caught in the rain, yet I have tan lines from spending too much time at Blue Lagoon. But I suppose that's part of the appeal - the unpredictable beauty of the elements and nature. 

I'm a bit of a cranky traveller. I scoff at people who take photos trying to hold up the Leaning Tower, and grumble at how hard it is to get through crowded streets of people stopping every few steps. Here at Black Sand Beach, it's different. It's a little isolated, but well-known enough to attract the tourists. As the majority of people crowd the area right off the parking lot, a few of us wander off to the side. None of us speak the same language, but the generic gestures of "Take a photo for us?" are familiar. Then unexpectedly, the tide comes in and we all scramble to get as high as possible to avoid soaking our feet. Once the tide recedes, we look around to each other and laugh. I gotta say, knowing that you've shared a memorable experience with complete strangers, acknowledging each others' sense of whimsy, is kind of a beautiful thing. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fields of gold

Colorblock sweater c/o Dresslily / Green peacoat from StyleWe / Black leggings from Joe Fresh

Does anyone else think that clothing has just gotten awful over the past few seasons? Going into stores is the worst. The amount of times that I've pulled a great coat from off the rack, only to turn it around and have something stupid like "Boy, Bye" written on the back, is unacceptable. Or what about that moment when you go to buy a chunky sweater, only to realize that it has a ridiculous cutout in the back. Do companies realize that sweaters are actually supposed to be warm? 

I'm so glad I was able to find this awesome colorblock sweater. It's cozy, functional, and a little funkier than the boring plain tops that dominate my closet, without being graphic cat t-shirt levels of funky.

If anyone wants functional or funky, head over to Dresslily for their new arrivals by using discount code "DLAnniversay" to save:

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