Monday, July 20, 2015

Accidentally in love

 Eyelash lace skirt c/o Rosegal / Knit tank top from Mendocino / Silver collar necklace c/o Rosegal / White envelope clutch / Slingback wedge sandals from Winners

"You get what you pay for". Usually, people say this when they cheap out and regret buying something of ridiculously low quality. But I prefer to use this saying as a cautionary grain of salt. 

First off, I unintentionally chopped off my hair. I've complained about my barber before, and yes, I go to a barber to get my hair cut. But he's really nice and does a decent job for the price, so I went back. This time, I showed him a picture of the style I wanted and told him "2 inches off", which would leave my hair up well below my shoulders. The good news is that he did exactly the style that I showed him. The bad news is that he took 6 inches off my hair. I wanted so much to be mad, but all things considered, he did a really good job on a short hairdo.

And now we have Rosegal. I've bought from cheap online stores before, and with prices averaging between $5-$20, my expectations were super low. I was telling myself that for that price point, I should have low expectations. But I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. The lace skirt is opaque, the eyelash lash skirt is beautifully detailed and not frayed, and the silver necklace hasn't tarnished or broken. No, the material isn't super soft or anything, but for the price, it's no worse than anything you would get from Forever 21. 

I could pay premium prices for things like haircuts and clothes, but there's something oddly addictive about being uncertain on whether or not things are going to turn out as an expected shame or as a great surprise. I know online shopping can be a gamble sometimes, but I definitely recommend taking a change on Rosegal and all their items here!

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Monday, July 6, 2015


Ribbed crop top from Forever 21 / Skirt from Suzy Shier / Triangle necklace c/o Lovely Wholesale

You know in those old movies that depict the future with hover cars and people running around in the same monotone outfits? I think we're getting close to that point. 

Here we are exclaiming about how modern and sleek the black, white, and grey trend is. But decades from now, people will be studying the 2010's and describing us as a culture that got sucked into the colourless life of conformity. 

I exaggerate, but I can't help but to think how I'll feel about the monochrome palette in a few years. Right now, I'm loving how versatile my closet is full of shades of black and white. But all this is probably going to seem really boring in a few years. It's summer, why aren't I decked out in vibrant colours? 

Also, please note that I didn't name this post "50 shades of grey". That's a pet peeve of mine. Hey bloggers, titling your post that really isn't that clever when 50 other bloggers (and an author) have done it. 

...Maybe a lack of colour makes me cranky.

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