Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She's got houseplants to keep her company

I think I forgot that it was summer. It may have short sleeves, but this outfit seems like it would've been a better fit for autumn.  I wore this to two fashion shows this past Saturday and I felt severely underdressed.  Most people were in lovely cocktail dresses and fancy suits.  It seems as though this outfit should be worn somewhere in between daily casual and a fashion show event.  Not quite sure what that middle is yet.  I usually don't do tribal print, so I used this as a special occasion to try it out.  While going with the bolder than usual theme, a pair of oversized glasses seemed appropriate too.  The upside is that wearing shorts meant that I could comfortably sit in the photo pit without worrying about flashing anyone.

What I wore:
-Knit tunic from BCBG
-Black shorts
-Brown Suede Franco Sarto heels

Monday, May 30, 2011

Angie's Models showcase

Angie's Models brought on a great event with its Rip The Runway show that featured great models showing off their skills to the fashion industry.  The War Museum was the gorgeous venue for this event.  With history all around and upbeat music filling the air, this was definitely the place to be on May 28 for media, scouts, models, and fashionistas.  While the event was meant to showcase the models, I had my eye on the fabulous clothing that the models were wearing.  There were established favourites like Gap Kids, familiar faces from Ottawa Fashion Week such as Rachel Sin and Micalla, and other great Canadian designers.  Demu Label added a kick to the runway with its superhero rocker collection complete with masks and whips.  Ralph Leroy closed the show with his colourful rainy collection making it clear that it is possible to be fashionable while braving the elements.  Clothing ranged from casual street style t-shirts, lovely cocktail dresses, and sensual swimwear. 

And a video of the final walk of most of the models with Ralph Leroy's collection:

For more of my photos, visit Ottawa Fashion Week's facebook page

I Am Fashion- RIP The Fab Lane

What an eventful Saturday! It's been a while since I've been to a fashion event in Ottawa, so this business was very welcomed.  First up was the RIP The Fab Lane show put on by the folks at I AM FASHION.  Let me just start off by saying that no matter the event, I will wear my walking shoes just in case of something like, oh, a race that closes off the roads and causes me to walk five blocks.

Anyway.  Aside from the aching shoes, I also felt underdressed in comparison to the fabulous looking crowd at this event.  The runway show was extremely delayed in starting time.  Especially since I had to leave halfway through, it would have been nice for a bit of a prompter start.  Do excuse my exclusively black and white photos because my little point-and-shoot camera couldn't handle the glare from the red carpet or the consequences of dim lighting.  With that aside, the fashion was lovely though.  I only got to see about 3 collections, but they were great.  White was a prominently used colour (so black and white photos are excusable), as was lace and silky materials.

One more little critique that I have about the runway show- well, the runway itself.  The lighting was set to default and not properly arranged, wires sticking out of the runway had people tripping, and there was a blatant 'X' where models were supposed to stop and pose.  This also shows the odd tint my camera captured.

And if the black and white photos aren't doing it for ya, how about a few videos of the final walk from a few of the collections.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Is there such thing as 'alternative'?

Twitter has been abuzz for the past two days with the news out Urban Outfitters ripping off another independent designer's jewelry design (as seen here).  I suppose I'll be adding this to my list of why I don't support Urban Outfitters as a corporation/trend.

I have nothing against Urban Outfitters as a great place to get pieces to turn into their own creation, but it's when people start calling it 'alternative' that gets me.  I shouldn't be targeting just UO though.  I think this stands for any trend.  I have trouble with 'alternative' as a style because it has become a sort of mainstream in itself.  A prime example being the hipster trend.  I mean, how many thick-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt wearing, indie music listening guys will we see until we acknowledge that alternative is becoming the mainstream?  In the pursue of being different, companies such as Urban Outfitters have created a different kind of trend that still embodies the same principles as the mainstream- unoriginality and people that eat up whatever clothing is deemed 'trendy'.  Again, don't get me wrong- I like the style, but I just think it's misrepresented. 

I'd love to know your thoughts.
Is there such thing as 'alternative fashion'? To what extent are we creative and original with our personal style?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I fancy florals

I've been lusting after florals for a while now, but haven't really gotten around to buying them.  I've got a few floral skirts and dresses here and there, but I have my eye out for floral shorts right now.  If I was to buy a pair, I'm not quite sure whether I would go for bright or pastel colours, or darker tones that might work better for a more formal setting.  I question this because, yet again, I have no idea what to wear to an upcoming fashion show.  You would think that I would get better with this, but no.  Anyway, I was browsing around online and the thought of a really nice pair of floral shorts paired with a dressy shirt crossed my mind.  I'm a big fan of pieces that can be used for formal or everyday occasions- there's just so many more options with versatile pieces.  So for now, I'm on the lookout for a good pair of floral shorts.  Or shiny shorts. But florals may be easier to find.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Eccentric eyewear

Well folks, I'm about a year late on the StumbleUpon bandwagon, but I've finally decided to try it out on a lazy long weekend day.  Now let me bring your attention to one of my findings- Ketevane Maissaia sunglasses.  It's not the actual frames that are interesting, but their interesting legs.  Structured and oversized, I wonder what they would feel like on a person's face. I always complain about eyewear being uncomfortable, and I'm sure these would bring discomfort to a new level.

Would you want to rock these glasses?

Alone, they look pretty strange. But they did a great job making them look pretty reasonable on the model. If they weren't $775 CAD, I might consider getting a pair. There's a certain bizarre charm to them, though I'm sure many people would disagree.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colourful conundrum

This season is all about the bold. Bold patterns, bold colours, etc.  They're absolutely eye-catching and stunning (when combined right), but what about once those colours go out of style?  Pieces such as colourful coats seem like seasonal trend pieces rather than timeless classics.  Sure, they look great for now, but they're one of those items that would make me go "what was I thinking?!" once they're out of style.  I've been tempted to buy a colourful blazer now and again, but I keep trying to remind myself that trends come and go.  Bold colours seem to be one of those trends where when it's out, it's unacceptable to wear. 

Are bold colours/patterns considered a timeless piece (and investment), or are they simply a seasonal fad that will leave people with a colourful closet asking themselves why they gave into the trend?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mini maxis

Is it just me, or are skirts getting shorter?  Even with long maxis and midis trending, it still seems like things are just simply made shorter.  I was trying on a maxi skirt the other day (at least, I think it was meant to be a maxi) and it came a little lower than my calves.  Trying on regular skirts is no better.  Though they're not labelled as mini skirts, I find that most skirts border on that 'too short to be acceptable' line.  Remember that good ol' index finger rule? I find it hard to comply with that now.  It seems as though the index rule has changed to the pinky rule. 

I've been looking for a skirt similar to the one above- bright, A-lined, and adorable for a casual or semi-professional encounter.  But would you please take a look at the space between the hemline and her fingers.  Though the look itself is very put-together, the length of that skirt makes it difficult for everyday practicality. I didn't mind as much when the only outdoor activity I had was getting in and out of a car, but now as a student that needs to bus and walk everywhere, it makes the search for skirts trickier.  Short lengths and thin summery materials are no match for even the slightest of winds.

See the skirt and more from ASOS

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sensible or silly?

I saw someone wearing something similar to this today. She was wearing a blue romper with dusty brown boots.  Now in pictures, boots and dresses (or shorts) have a certain edgy appeal to them.  Adds a little something extra to an otherwise pristine feminine look.  But what about in regular daily life?  The mercury's starting to rise, and wearing boots is hot! So my question to you: is wearing boots in the summer acceptable?

I think it depends on the styling of the boot.  If you are to do boots in the heat, I'd stick with calf-length boots or ankle booties.  Soft leather usually makes the look a little less heavy too. By the way, this is only debatable for "fashion boots".  Don't even get me started on UGGs in the summer.

From this pic, the boot kind of completes the outfit, doesn't it? Makes it a little rocker/country.  That dress is adorable on its own too.  Cute buttons, ribbons, and strings? Yes, please!

Image from 80s Purple

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Without a map

This week is simply glorious! I've never really been an outdoorsy kind of person, so for me to want to spend every waking moment outdoors, that's saying something.  Okay, so my version of outdoors is taking a long walk downtown, but it's still something.  I loved strolling along the city streets with the sun on my back, wind in my hair, and my "Cheerful Tunes" playlist.  After an hour and a half, my pace started weakening though.  Strappy sandal syndrome had caught up with me.  I was about 2 blocks away from my apartment when a sharp sting in my ankle kicked in.  Yep, that would be a blister.  I was so close to making it! Well, I guess I still made it home walking; rather, limping.

What I'm wearing: 
-Khaki shorts from Forever 21 
-Striped cardigan from Costa Blanca
-Tan sandal wedges from Joe Fresh 
-XOXO bag from Winners
-Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs

Monday, May 9, 2011

Even on a cloudy day

One more |FAT| outfit post! I just realized that I borrowed more than I owned for the whole week.  For this outfit, only the skirt belongs to me.  Anyway, I've been talking a lot about what went on during |FAT|, but I honestly had just as much fun getting to and from.  It's about a 90 minute drive to the venue, and quite a scenic drive.  It definitely got better with every day.  Then again, it only goes uphill from a super foggy night with no other cars on the road.  To make matters even more eerie, I had someone approach my window out of no where at 1 in the morning.  A long drive starts to make me go crazy though- I started to refer to certain roads as if they were people. I also learned that I am able to drive 3-inch heels, despite popular belief.  Special thanks to isabeltphotography for enduring the journey with me!


What I'm wearing:
-Black cardigan from Forever 21
-Grey top from Dynamite
-Black skirt from Forever 21

Also, check out my first interview feature! This time, I'm on the other side of the interview table answering questions instead of asking them.  Check it out at The ABCs of College!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Feeling a tad Shiloh

After a depressing few weeks of exam stress, you can only imagine my instant turnaround of joy when I received an email from Ukamaku saying that designer Rachel Sin wanted to dress a few of her media attendees for |FAT|.  I instantly fell in love with the Shiloh dress for its cute bubble skirt with subtle ruffle fabric.  And of course, there's the asymmetrical metallic strap. I almost wanted to walk into rooms backwards just to show of the detailing of the back of the dress.

I'm quite the fashionista on a budget, so in all honesty, I've never worn anything so expensive.  Not that the dress is expensive; in fact, it's quite reasonably priced at $250.  I just never make pricey purchases, nor do I have many occasions to be fancy.  Even my prom dress was under $100.  Considering this, I used this as a golden opportunity to get dolled up.  I've never felt fancier.  Prom's got nothing on this.

See more of Rachel Sin's fabulous dresses on her website.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Real hope is not for nothing at all

Another outfit that I wore to |FAT|.  Went a little more business conservative on day 2. Thanks, family for letting me borrow the outfit.

What I'm wearing: 
-Black H&M blazer
-Forever 21 tunic dress

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