Tuesday, May 27, 2014


White trim blazer from Le Chateau / Black trim top from H&M / High waisted shorts from Forever 21 / Beige booties from Justfor5pounds / Wooden sunglasses from Woodzee

Contrast is a great way to keep things interesting. Pumping up the contrast in photos emphasizes certain aspects, contrast in opinions can really spice up discussions, and contrast in clothing draws the eye towards details. In this outfit, I'm contrasting light neutrals with a deep rust colour and piling on the contrast trim clothing.

I've worn shorts twice this season. The first time, it was actually colder than the forecast suggested so I looked like a frozen idiot. So when putting on shorts this time, I made sure to pair it with layers just in case the weather took a turn. And it's a good thing I did because it was sunny and raining at the same time. I think I could get used to the idea of the preppy sailor look. 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cool summer

Blue sweater from Smart Set / Vero Moda striped dress from Surfdome / Platform shoes from Ami Clubwear

Technically it's not summer yet, but by now, it should feel a lot warmer than it has been. Instead of spending time frolicking outdoors with ice cream, I spent my long weekend curled up under a blanket watching Netflix. And the days that I did go out, it rained on my parade. Literally. Well, it rained...I didn't have a parade. So while I optimistically wore a dress, the reality was that I need to cozy up by plopping a sweater over myself. It's relaxed, it's lazy, but it still works.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Slip dress

Lace trim slip dress c/o Sheinside / Combat boots / Studded bag 

After about 20 years of school, I finally have a full-time job. I'm still not really sure how to handle this situation. For the past decade, it's been drilled into my head to do well in school to get a good job. But no one really talks about what happens after that pinnacle point when you finally abandon school for work.

All I know is that right now, I've re-organized my closet into three categories: "Work clothes", "Definitely not appropriate for work", and "Maybe this will be appropriate if I throw a blazer over it". I do hope that this slip dress falls into the third category. Hands down, my new favourite dress. It's super comfy, the lace details are gorgeous, and I love how the thin straps at the back add an extra touch of uniqueness.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Celebrating the bra

Amourette bra and hipster c/o Triumph

I'm very uncomfortable about discussing intimates. Needless to say, I've never bothered to properly measure my bust size, nor was I concerned about whether I was wearing the right bra size. I wore a 32B through high school and a 34B after I gained my Freshman 15 (well, Freshman 10 in my case) through my first year of university. But I started losing that weight and I started noticing that my bra wasn't fitting properly. How do I know? Well, I was moving furniture into my apartment and misplaced my keys. Hours later, I realized that I used my bra as a pocket and that my keys were still sitting in there. At the point where I could lose keys in my bra and not realize that I have pointy metal on my boob, I'd say that that means my bra doesn't fit properly.

In honour of the bra's 100th anniversary, Triumph has launched their 'Stand Up for Fit' campaign to fit 100,000 worldwide into their perfect bra. Historically, Triumph helped revolutionize the modern bra as we recognize it today by focusing on feminine details, beauty, and comfort. Today, they continue to make sure that women are feeling comfortable and confident in their bras by offering personal fittings.

After being fitted to the right size, I received the gorgeous Amourette bra and matching hipster. The good news is that I'm wearing the right bra size now. The bad news is that I'm a size smaller than I thought (hoped) I was.

To book a personal fitting time or to find a bra fitting clinic at a Hudson's Bay near you, contact bra.fittings.ca@triumph.com.

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