Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Floral blazer

Floral blazer c/o Lovely Wholesale / Hot pink top from Jacob / White denim shorts from West49 / Brown wedges from Pacsun

Floral blazers are one of those things that I've been reluctant to buy. Once they go out of style, they become absolutely tacky and unprofessional. But I've been saying this for the past 3 years and florals are still in style. It might go out of fashion soon, but in the meantime, it's definitely a head-turning talk piece. 

In other news, let me brag about my shoes. They were 95% off or some ridiculous number like that. When I first tried them on, they had a tag that said that they were on sale for $13.99 so I thought...well hey, I might as well get them for that cheap. So I go to the cashier and she tells me that they're $3.99. Now, I have no idea what kind of insane sale this was, but I was very happy about it. I actually had to keep myself from bursting out loud laughing from joy. It was like one of those cheesy commercials about the shopper being stupidly excited about low prices. 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Damage control

Spiked blouse from Forever 21 / Messenger bag from Asos / Denim shorts from Necessary Clothing / Lace shoes from H&M

A month ago, I got bitten by a mosquito and it ended up swelling up like mad into a disgusting blister after an allergic reaction. I ended up spending Canada Day in the most Canadian way possible -- in a walk-in clinic with my free healthcare. So here if you plan on being a doctor, here are some things that your patients don't want to see/hear: 
  • Please don't walk into my appointment wearing a Polo and Nike runners. I need the comfort from the authority of a lab coat. 
  • After I tell you what's wrong, don't ask me how I want to tackle it. You're supposed to tell me. That's why I'm here! 
  • Don't ask me whether I want oral antibiotics or a cream. Then when I ask what works better, don't go into another room "to check"...I assume you're on Google/Wikipedia. 
  • "Oh hey, maybe it is infected!" is not an effective form of diagnosis. 
So after wearing gauze for 2 weeks, I ran out of gauze and had to use a ghetto paper towel with tape over my blister so I wouldn't scare women and children. I'm down to a bandaid now, which is actually pretty exciting. I don't do sports and I essentially live in a bubble, so this is the first time I've been "injured" in 15 years. So, I have the injury mentality of a 7 year old and was freaked out the whole time. Thank goodness my booboo is better!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everything in transit

Floral dress c/o Lovely Wholesale / Scalloped bag from asos / Lace sneakers from H&M

Ever get so nostalgic that you forget where you are? It's my first summer away from Ottawa in three years. Toronto is nice and all, but there's nothing quite like living close to a river while still being within walking distance to downtown. Luckily, I've found Dundas (a western suburb of Hamilton). Downtown is lined with unique little shops and food places tucked into cute small town architecture. Strolling through the streets, it reminds me so much of Ottawa's Glebe. Sometimes, I'll have glimpses of "whoa wait, where am I again?" In a good way. It's the feeling of familiarity. Hopefully, getting a chance to visit familiar surroundings will help with distracting forms of nostalgia. Like when I'm at work and a song from an Ottawa-area band comes on. Then I find myself staring off into the distance reminiscing, which is probably not good for productivity. Hopefully to my coworkers, I just look like I'm deep in thought...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Colorblock dress c/o Lovely Wholesale / Black and cream bag from Tacicco

What's the point of buying shorts and cute skirts anymore when I can only wear them 2 days out of the week? With a steady work schedule now, I've been trying to only buy dresses that are work-appropriate. This dress is my new favourite work dress, even though it's a bit too tight at the bust. Which is highly unusual since my dresses are usually drooping down at the chest because of my lack of...area there.

In other news, I was out with the boyfriend the other night and I had a rather interesting interaction with the waitress. She only looked at me to take my order. Every other time, whether it was greeting us, taking our drink order, checking to see how to meal is, and handing us the bill, she never addressed me. So was this some old school thing where she only assured that the guy would get a good experience because he's the one that would be paying? Or is my face seriously that mean and unwelcoming that even a waitress, who is paid to be pleasant, doesn't want to break the ice? Either way, I'm kind of amused by the situation, but it doesn't look good for me.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Elbow patches

Elbow patches top c/o Lovely Wholesale / Denim shorts from Forever 21

The half-tucked shirt look is kind of strange, isn't it. I mean, I'm actively trying to look a bit sloppy. And there's a very thin line between "effortlessly chic" and "I just rushed out of the washroom and forgot to fully tuck in my shirt". Elbow patches on a casual shirt are a weird pair too. Since when did elbow patches, which are typically associated with dorky academics, become a style accent? Next thing you know, they're gonna be telling us that tops with pocket protectors are trendy. Aren't we done with this obsession with "geek-chic" yet? 

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