Friday, December 30, 2011

How to: Dress for your New Year's Eve bash

If you're one to be out with the crowds popping some bubbly once midnight hits, you're going to want to ring in the new year in style- literally.  New Year's Eve calls for some extravagance, glitz, sparkle, and shine.  Sure, a typical holiday dress would do the trick, but there's just something special about some sequins, no?  Sequins and sparkles can be a bit tricky to pull off and aren't always for everyone.  But there are a few tricks you can use to glam up your outfit without looking like an overdone Christmas tree (that's so last week!).

1.  Sequin pieces: If full sequin dresses are a little over-the-top for you, try a sequin skirt. Or a sequin top.  Or sequin shorts.  Okay basically, just don't do a full-body sequin outfit then and aim for one sequin piece in your ensemble.  A nice additive to any outfit is a blazer.  It covers up a bit of the sequin for a bit of a more tamed look without taking out too much glitz.  Yup, that's classy.

2.  Adding sparkle to your step:  Oh, you're not a sequin dress/top/skirt/shorts kinda person?  Then the accessories is where you should be aiming.  Sparkly golden heels and silver platforms are definitely the statement shoe to have for NYE to glam up any outfit.  But please, if you're gonna wear a sequin dress, go for a simple black shoe instead- too much sparkle not only boards on tacky, but tends to blind people from across the room too.

3.  Accessorize and shine:  If you're in a last minute rush and don't feel like buying new shoes or a new dress, just a few simple accessories can make that old LBD in your closet shine.  In addition to looking great, accessories also tend to be the more affordable option.  Layer up your necklaces and bracelets and stock up on that silver and gold for a more festive look.  The beauty with chunky layered looks is that it's easy to throw on jewellery that you already own to create this look, even if a bit mismashed.  A statement clutch will also do the trick in adding a small specialty to your outfit.

Happy New Year, all- catch ya in 2012!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Romantic palette

Christmas shopping is the worst. No, not just because I have no idea what to get people. No, not just because it depletes my grocery funds. But because I tend to walk out with more for myself than for others. I lack self-control when I see pretty things on sale. That's why I never go to malls during the rest of the year- the temptation is too much!  I've refrained pretty well so far this year.  Though I've definitely been taking notice to the trends around, specifically in colours.

I am in love with the romantic colour palette.  Pretty pinks, blush, ivory, lace, mint, and chambray? Ohh, I adore the soft palettes.  I tend to shy away from the pastels in the winter though...something about them screams "summer" to me, so it (used to) feel a bit off wearing summery colours in the winter.  But frankly, I live in Canada.  It's winter more than it's summer.  If I see a colour I like, I'm gonna wear it.  Forget waiting 5 months for spring to bloom.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is in no way, shape, or form a hint of what to look out for to get me for Christmas.
...sort of.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Just doing some mental packing

It's almost Caribbean cruise time, which means that I have started mentally packing.  Yes, mentally packing.  Physically packing takes way too much effort and will be saved for the absolute last minute.  So far, I've compiled a slight list of essentials that work well as staple pieces for mixing n' matching, which is the key to light packing.  The basics need to work for both the sunny beach days, and the nights with fancier dinners.

For the beach and just general nautical lounging, how much more essential can you get than denim shorts, a white tank, and flip flops? Oh, and the sunnies.  Mustn't forget the sunnies.
And to do it up fancier at night, I've got pearls and awesome pewter heels to be super dressy.  A black boyfriend blazer and simple black skirt will also go a long way in almost any outfit.  And of course, a pop of red in the lips for the added touch.

And all the while compiling my mental packing list, I've been bopping about to my beach playlist. Enjoy this cute little upbeat chiller- and look, the music video even has a beach!

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