Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kissing coffee cups

Red bucket bag c/o Zaful / Striped blouse from Ricki's / Grey patterned skirt from Suzy Shier

As I was going through these photos, I was thinking "Hm, I really should've added a bold red lip to complete the look." But you know what? I haven't worn lipstick in a year. Why? Because the first thing I do on a weekday is grab a cup of coffee that smears the majority of my lipstick off. Then, I'm left with disgusting lipstick residue on my cup that I feel like I'm eating with every sip after. 

"But Sabrina, why don't you just prime or bite a tissue first?" Hello, it's the first thing in the morning. My priorities are injecting myself with caffeine. I don't know about you, but extra steps in my beauty regime are not on my mind. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I wait until someone talks to me so I know that my lipstick has been seen before it comes off onto my cup. Sometimes you gotta count the small victories... 

I'd also like to highlight my experience with Zaful. Like many other sites, this site has an instant online chat function. Usually, I roll my eyes and assume it's some smart bot or unhelpful contract worker. So I half-heartedly asked what the brand print on the bottom of the bag said (because of image on their site said "Fashion Bag" and no one wants that). To my pleasant surprise, a rep came back with a photo of the bag in question with the print in close up! I double checked, and the photo file name was actually the date, which means that this wasn't some randomly stored picture. This person LITERALLY got up to find the bag in stock, took a photo, and sent it to me. I was so blown away by this experience. I don't always talk about companies in such detail, but after that, I was really happy to do this Zaful review.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

6 Ways to stay dressy in cooler weather

I know what you're thinking: "But it's still August! Why are we even talking about the cooler weather?!" Because here, we just had a massive heatwave for a few weeks that had me dreaming of being cozy without being sweaty. And as per the usual Canada trend, fall temperatures sneak up on us pretty quickly!

One major issue is that dressing for cooler weather can quickly become frumpy. Big coats, oversized scarves, and other chunky pieces can turn an outfit from haute to hobo in an instant. But with the right clothes and proper accessorising, staying dressy even when the temps turn down will be a cinch. Check out a few of my favorite tips below. 

1. Don't Skip the Jewelry

Jewelry is a key component to keeping your outfits dressy during cool weather. Make your outfit pop with the right pieces, like statement earrings, a bib necklace, or a stack of bangles. Have fun with colour, too. Cold weather doesn't mean drab hues. 

2. Heels Add Instant Oomph 

Rather than wear flats all the time, throw on a pair of closed-toe pumps or heeled booties for a leg-elongating ensemble that will also add instant oomph to even your oversized coats. And even if you dislike stilettos, wedges and thick-stacked heels are totally on trend this season. For the unexpected, choose a coloured pair to dress up a plain black dress, trousers, pencil skirt, or jeans. 

3. Let Your Accessories Shine

Aside from jewelry, there are many different ways to amp up the dressy factor of a cool weather outfit. Other accessories like handbags, hats, belts, and scarves can all make a difference. A belted waist over a large coat adds an instant hourglass, while a sparkly or sequined scarf will add a touch of glamour. And don't forget the dramatic impact a wide-brim felted hat can have on an ensemble. 

4. Tackle the Tailored Coat

A beautifully tailored coat can instantly elevate any outfit, making it appear much dressier than it really is. Whether you pair it with jeans, trousers, or a cocktail dress, you simply can't go wrong. Choose camel, black, or cream for a piece that will go with nearly everything. 

5. Blouses and Camis Abound

A surefire way to look dressy even when the weather turns cold is by choosing the right kind of top. Opt for something ruffled, feminine, and billowy and even a pair of skinny jeans and heels will look phenomenal. The great part is that beautiful blouses and camis are also excellent for work. 

6. Get a Leg Up on Style

Whether you bare your legs (with tights on, of course) or prefer to cover them in pants, the right bottoms are key to keeping it dressy. Patterned tights add a fun touch to skirts and dresses and can be quite beautiful. Black lace and geo patterns are both great choices. And don't forget the impact a great-fitting pair of trousers can have on even a plain white fitted long sleeve tee. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little rundown of tips on how to appear dressy even when the temps turns cool. All it takes are a few strategic items and edits of pieces you probably already have. Remember the importance of layers, accessories, and proper fit for boundless outfits that are both stylish and warm.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 tips for wearing statement jewellery

Jewelry is one of the best ways to breathe some new life into your outfit and enhance your best features at the same time. While statement jewelry is designed for you to have some fun with and pair with your best outfits to really set them off, it’s important to make sure that you wear them right in order to get the most out them. Wearing statement pieces can be tricky, as it’s all about getting the balance right between making a statement or going over the top. To make sure that you always look your best in your favourite statement pieces, we’ve put together the top rules for wearing them.

Don’t Overdo It

The beauty of statement jewelry is that you only have to wear one piece to really bring an outfit to life and add just the right amount of sparkle and glamour. One of the biggest mistakes that ladies make when wearing statement jewelry is to wear too many pieces all at once. When wearing a gorgeous statement piece such as these from Ascot Diamonds, you should make sure that it stands out by wearing it on its own or making sure that any other jewelry pieces that you choose are simple and basic. Statement jewelry with something like a floral maxi dress? My eye would have no idea what to focus on.

Check Your Outfit

If you’re wearing a statement piece of clothing, you should leave the statement jewelry for another day. For example, if you’re wearing a top or blouse from StyleWe with a lot of embellishments or a standout pattern, wearing statement jewelry is simply going to overdo it and make the whole outfit look too much. Statement jewelry is best paired with simple outfits, such as a little black dress or a plain top/blouse and trousers, as it brings a plainer outfit to life and adds the extra glamour and sparkle that you want. If your outfit is making enough of a statement on its own, there’s no need to add the jewelry to it!

Don’t Just Wear Necklaces

Many people think of necklaces as being the only type of statement jewelry out there. And whilst statement necklaces can certainly make a popular choice and definitely look great, don’t limit your statement collection by simply choosing necklaces alone. Instead, make sure that you vary your statement pieces by going for cuff bracelets, statement rings, and even statement headpieces which can be a very interesting addition to any outfit.

Consider Neckline and Hairstyles

If you are planning to pair a statement necklace with your outfit, it’s important to not only consider the other accessories that you will be wearing, but the type of neckline that your outfit has and the style of your hair. If you are wearing your hair down, for example, it may be better to wear a statement ring or bracelet instead so as not to draw attention from it. If your neckline is lacy or has embellishments, make sure that you do not choose a necklace which clashes with it.

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