Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Streamlining your beauty collection

When it comes to creating the perfect beauty and makeup collection, we often end up buying quite a number of different bits and pieces.

There are certain products that can do two tasks at once. Others are made to supply you with different looks in one container or box. Double-ended products are also super useful.

So, even if your ideal routine includes 20 different items and tools, there are ways you can streamline this. Saving space and avoiding the graveyard of underused makeup products? Yes please.

2 in 1 primer and foundation
Rather than having lots of bottles floating around in your makeup bag or box, combine two of the most important ones together. Look for a foundation that comes with built-in primer. This allows you take up less room in your collection. Furthermore, it will save you precious time both when waiting for the primer to dry, and in overall applying times. Be sure to always add some of the product to both your lips and eyes. Here it can help hold your lip colour and eye products in place, without the need for additional primers.

Eyeshadow palettes
Rather than having numerous eyeshadows in your collection, opt for one great palette instead. An eyeshadow quad palette is always a good bet, as the variety of colours allows you achieve a defined and multi-tonal look. Look for ones that offer a darker shade, two medium shades, and a pale, highlighter shade. If quad palettes don’t quite quench your thirsty, go even bigger. Just be sure that the case or holder they come in is thin and light. If it is heavy, bulky or awkwardly shaped, you’d be better off with multiple little ones!

Clear lip liner
These are a relatively new invention for the high street. It used to be the case that the best lip liner was one that closely matched the shade of your lipstick or lipgloss. However, these days, clear can do the same job. While it doesn’t make your lips look as plump, it does stop it from bleeding at the edges. It can also help it stay on, and stay in place, for longer. Look for one with a fine tip so you can apply it neatly and precisely. This can take the place of all of your different coloured liners when you’re on the move!

Bronzer and blusher palette
Why carry around a blusher and a bronzer when you can have both in one palette? Make sure it is big enough that you can access both individually, however.

Double-ended Mascara
Another thing that can take up a lot of room within your makeup bag is multiple different types of mascara. Maybe you have one for lengthening and another for thickening. Perhaps you like to use different wands, so have one for upper lashes and a smaller one for lower lashes. Instead of carrying all of these around with you, get a double-ended mascara instead! If it’s thickening you’re after, go for one that has a thickening substance at one end, and then a deep black mascara at the other end.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

6 ways to look amazing even when you don’t feel it

We all want to look our best. But presenting our best self to the world takes time and energy. And sometimes we just don’t feel it. We may be under the weather or just a bit blah. Whatever the reason, we don’t always feel like making ourselves Instagram ready. On these days follow our simple steps to no-fuss understated style.

1. Emergency Makeup Kit

Always have an emergency makeup kit. This should contain only the bare essentials. Forget the bells and whistles. A good emergency kit should contain:

Primer: Yes, this is an essential item. Put your foundation on without and you will see the difference. Primer smoothes your skin, creating the optimum base for your makeup.

Concealer: Another essential item. This should be a shade lighter than your foundation cream.

Foundation Cream: Once you have identified a colour that suits your skin tone, you’ve nailed it.

Small Eyeshadow Palette: A small palette with neutral colours.

Mascara: A no-fuss brand that is easy to apply.

Lipstick: Again, a neutral shade to match the eyeshadow.

So, on the days that you don’t feel like spending time contouring and doing your brows, just use your makeup staples.

2. Clothes

Set aside some clothes that are easy to wear and stylish. Brands such as Minkpink have just the right touch of cool elegance. Opt for items that you can throw on and not worry about coordinating too much. Maxi dresses, shirt dresses, and shifts are great for this.

Keep clothing laundered and in good condition. Mend any tears or holes as soon as they appear. Make sure that everything is at your disposal so you don’t have to hunt around when you’re tired.

A smart coat or jacket will complete the ensemble and ensure your look your best when you leave the house.

3. Accessories

Accessories make an outfit. They can transform a simple outfit into something fun or striking. Have a few key pieces that suit a range of clothing choices. Statement necklaces, belts, and chunky bracelets work well. The thing about accessories is that they always make you seem ‘put together’..

4. Shoes

Your choice of footwear will depend on your outfit. But ensure your shoes are looked after and ready to wear. Keep them clean and polished. If the heels are looking a little worn, take them to the cobbler. Nothing says hurried and unkempt like scruffy shoes.

5. Hair

If you don’t feel like going to town on your hair, have a few go-to styles you can fall back on. For medium and long hair opt for a ballerina bun or a twist and pin style. If your hair is short, opt for a style that takes minimal care.

6. Attitude

Your overall look is as much down to your attitude as to the items you’re wearing. If you leave the house with slumped shoulders and looking glum, that’s exactly the look you’ll portray. However, if you have a confident posture, you will immediately transform your overall appearance.

What are your tricks for looking good when you feel anything but?

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