Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What's up, Canada?

As someone who took three Canadian culture courses in university, let me tell you that so far, no one has really accurately been able to stir up Canadian pride in me with a single definition. Lately though, I've been feeling pretty great about Canada. Now, we might not have giant sales or flags bellowing in every other window, but here's what keeps the maple syrup running through my veins:

  • Having open conversations about politics at work, but clear rivalries when it comes to sports. 
  • Whenever The Barenaked Ladies, Celine Dion, or Bryan Adams are mentioned by international media. 
  • Being able to get drunk around dinosaurs and priceless art at the Royal Ontario Museum.
  • The inability to think of any "Canadian" food besides poutine. But it's okay because we can get food from all around the world here. 
  • Having someone bump into you, but you're the one who says "sorry". 
  • The guarantee that someone will say "Am I having a stroke?" when the smell of burnt toast is present (Thanks, Heritage Minutes). 

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