Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Load me up

Split front top c/o Lovely Wholesale / White blazer c/o Lovely Wholesale / Denim shorts from Target / Quilted mint bag from LuLu's / Gold chain necklace & Stacked rings c/o Lovely Wholesale

Do I like this look? Yes. Am I likely to wear it again? Not unless I'm at the beach. 50% of the time, I dress up to go to work. Can't wear this top at work. 45% of the time, I dress up because I'm going for amazing food. Can't wear this top when I'm overindulging

I have a bone to pick with food. What cheap pretentious chef decided that "less is more"? I don't care how good your stupid slice of salmon on a cracker with some fancy sauce drizzled on is if it doesn't fill me up. I just can't justify paying $50 for tiny portions. For me, the best food tastes great and fills me up beyond a point of comfort. If my pants aren't fitting as well as they did when I walked in, it's been a good meal. And for that to happen, I'm gonna need a shirt that covers the extra 5 lbs in food I'm carrying with me.

Also, yay, floating nav bar! Let me know what you think or if it looks weird on your screen. My coding skills are a little rusty, but I'm pretty proud of it. 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: Tangle Teezer vs Wet Brush

Full disclosure, I don't think I've brushed my hair in 3 years. Half of that is just a fear of having half my hair fall out while I try to comb through it. There's something unsettling about trying to get through a tangle, then seeing a clump of your hair in the brush after. I'd rather live with tangles than see that. I have thin hair so I don't get huge tangles, but my hair does break very easily when brushed or combed.

Thanks to Nail Polish Canada, I had the chance to review two of the top brushes that everyone has been buzzing about: The Wet Brush and the Tangle Teezer.

First up, the Tangle Teezer.


  • Bristles are thin and goes through hair easily. When there's a knot, the bristles are flexible and braise through the hair easily, which prevents harsh tugging on tangles. This does mean that it takes a bit longer to brush out tangles, but it's definitely less painful. 
  • Portability. Fits in the palm of your hand, so it's a good size to throw into your bag on the go.

  • There's no handle, which isn't for everyone. I can see the benefit where it feels like holding the brush gives you more control, but I find it a bit awkward when I like to brush under or upwards onto my hair. 
  • Makes my thin hair super staticky. The plastic bristles on my dry hair creates instant frizz. My hair doesn't look dry or damaged from brushing, but frizz is frizz. 

And the Wet Brush.


  • Combs through smoothly. The bristles grip hair firmly enough, but without tugging too hard. 
  • Classic brush style with the handle makes it easy to use. 
  • Since the brush is made for wet hair, you get really smooth hair right after you wash it that will last for a good amount of time.
  • Keeps hair looking healthy. I find that there's less breakage here than with a typical brush that pulls knots straight out of the follicle. 


  • The only real con is that since it works nicely, I'm skeptical about whether or not it's the brush or whether it's the fact that my hair is fresh and conditioned, which could make it easier to brush through anyway.

Conclusion: I'd go with the Wet Brush. If you have thin hair, brushing your hair while wet is definitely best. No matter how good the bristles of the Tangle Teezer are, I just can't get over how frizzy it makes my hair.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ramblings of a bridesmaid

Maybe I'm not mature enough to understand the idea of willingly spending a ton of time and money on a friend's wedding, but I've got a bone to pick about being a bridesmaid. What's the deal with the custom where a bride chooses the dress, hair, and makeup for the bridesmaids, but doesn't pay for it? I get that the bride has her plate full with buying dinner for 200 guests and such, but the bridesmaids are supposed to adhere to appearance standards, help out with wedding tasks, throw a bridal shower, and they have to cover all those costs? 

Weddings can be a serious strain on the wallet if you're a bridesmaid. Hey brides, please do everyone a favour and pick dresses that can actually be worn again. That being said, just because it's a short dress, doesn't mean it can be worn again. Satin dresses that are bedazzled with jewels are probably too eye-catching to reuse as a guest at another wedding. And that bright lime green colour? It may look good for your wedding, but once lime green is out of season/style, it's just not functional. 

Brides, your bridesmaids want some flexibility! Instead of forcing your girls to buy the same dress at a high-end store for an upwards of $150, let them explore other options like finding a bridesmaid dress online.

If you're worried about sizing from an online store, I figured that even if I needed a few alterations, it would still be cheaper than paying regular retail price. Anyway, I think I've ranted enough. I've included some snaps from the bridal shower I co-hosted. And a few dresses that I'd be happy to wear as a bridesmaid. Simplicity? Timeless colours? Ability to dress down the dress? Yes please.

*Also, last few days to enter my giveaway for a custom teeth whitening kit, so get your entries in now!

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