Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to: Get that 70s look

The '70s were an iconic time for a lot of reasons—Watergate, Pink Floyd, M*A*S*H*, disco, Star Wars—the decade was filled with memorable moments in history that are still revisited today.

But there's arguably no '70s-inspired aspect that's more prominently represented in modern, day-to-day life than the fashion.

Now, we're not talking about leaving the house without a bra on. Sure, going braless is a pretty accurate way of representing the free spirit and themes of women's empowerment that were popular at the time, but there are much more practical, and less obscure ways to represent your love of the decade.

For starters, forget skin-tight, fitted tops, and try to embrace tunics with a loose, flowing silhouette. The tops are ideal if you want to recreate the free and open-minded mentality of the 1970s (with a bra of course).

If you're willing to look outside of the box a bit, plus-sized designs, and even some maternity clothes can be a great way to achieve the look. Their empire styles or designs without cinched waists are a great solution for creating a look that ebbs and flows with your moves instead of clinging to every curve of your body. If you take a look at some of the most popular styles from Woman Within, you can see that bright, busy patterns aren't hard to come by in plus-sized clothing. Try a boho top that incorporates lace or knitted floral embroidery for added '70s flare.

In addition to that flowing top, you can't recreate your '70s style without the right accessories. According to Lisa Armstrong from The Telegraph, several choice accessories can easily make an outfit era appropriate. For example, you can try a floppy, wide brim hat, platform sandals, or a purse adorned with suede fringe. And let's not forget the crucial jewelry.

Armstrong recommends that you try to incorporate "teeny-tiny florals or vertical and chevron stripes. Mix and clash them, or amp up the drama of plains with big, sculptural jewellery."

And finally, rediscover your flair for flares. If you're like many of us who buy pieces that will last, your quality flares are probably held up in the back of your closet somewhere, waiting for their day to be back in the spotlight.

Well, today is the day. Bustle reporter Stephanie Chon officially declared the flare jeans, and their '70s-inspired style, "timeless" as well as an easy way to represent your favorite denim in a fun and flattering way.

When discussing flares, Chon says that "they're going to become a closet essential for the upcoming colder seasons, it's time to start looking for the best flare jeans for fall now." But flares can vary from boyfriend cuts to skinnies and flares so big at the bottom that you trip over them. Follow her guide to find the pair that's best for your '70s style.

You might not have lived through the 1970s, but that doesn't mean you can't embrace the style that defined the decade. Grab a few loose fitting tops, some bold colors, and pair of flares, and you're well on your way to challenging the style of any hippy that dares to cross your path!

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  1. Loving the 70s trend. Thanks for the inspiration.



  2. What a nice 70s trend post, thanks for sharing :D
    Xx Blue Ducklings

  3. I loooove 70s fashion! I have a pair of flared jeans I wear now and again, I totally feel like Mila Kunis in That 70s Show! Ha.

    T x

  4. Great inspo! Love these 70s look!


  5. I love these 70s fashion tips! I've always loved chevron and vertical stripes! :)

    Metallic Paws


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