Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's weird, but I like it

I know an outfit's good when it catches the eye of my roommate.
"It's weird. It's like an Asian outfit, but not really". Hopefully that managed to make some sense to you. If not, here's how it breaks down: I say that I want to balance the styles of New York, LA, and Hong Kong, so I guess this outfit exemplifies that. After trying to dissect what my roommate was thinking, we decided that it looks like something that might be seen in the streets of Hong Kong, but there are touches that make it more Western as well.

What I'm wearing:
-Dark olive green Sparkle and Fade cardigan from Urban Outfitters
-Lightweight tartan Forever 21 button-down shirt
-Brown suedette booties from Forever 21

xo A Talentless Mess

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