Monday, December 5, 2011

Just doing some mental packing

It's almost Caribbean cruise time, which means that I have started mentally packing.  Yes, mentally packing.  Physically packing takes way too much effort and will be saved for the absolute last minute.  So far, I've compiled a slight list of essentials that work well as staple pieces for mixing n' matching, which is the key to light packing.  The basics need to work for both the sunny beach days, and the nights with fancier dinners.

For the beach and just general nautical lounging, how much more essential can you get than denim shorts, a white tank, and flip flops? Oh, and the sunnies.  Mustn't forget the sunnies.
And to do it up fancier at night, I've got pearls and awesome pewter heels to be super dressy.  A black boyfriend blazer and simple black skirt will also go a long way in almost any outfit.  And of course, a pop of red in the lips for the added touch.

And all the while compiling my mental packing list, I've been bopping about to my beach playlist. Enjoy this cute little upbeat chiller- and look, the music video even has a beach!


  1. I like the combination of the outfit and the sunglasses look so cool. It's attracting! :)

  2. You are off for a break soon? Me too! But what a total opposite on destinations. I'll be going to a cold place and you'll be enjoying a sunny break! Share more pics soon =)


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