Sunday, June 24, 2012


I did something last week that I have not done in a really long time.  I spent the whole week in flat shoes.  Gasp, I know...shocking, right?  Unless I'm trekking long distances, I'm pretty much always in heels.  Yes, there's the odd time where I stumble, flail, make ridiculous sounds and/or shout profanities, but even falling in heels once in a while exhibits a bit more class than shuffling about in sneakers or flip flops.  I don't know about you, but I'm quite partial to strutting around the office (and streets) like I'm a head honcho...even if I am at the bottom of the food chain.  Sure, a nice pair of flats aren't bad, but I'm not particularly a fan of being able to feel every single little pebble underneath my feet.

Anyway, back to my original rant: mosquitoes are annoying buggers that will find the weak spot in your ankle to draw blood, causing it to swell from being a vital part of walking, which will result in being out of commission for a week.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing:
-Pink cardigan from Joe Fresh
-Bright blue top
-Tweed skirt
-Nude heels


  1. Oh man, I cannot express enough how much I hate mosquitoes too! They're evil! >_<
    Anyway...haha love your pink cardi and cute skirt.

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    Trendy Teal

  2. I used to wear heels all the time and I swear I forgot how to walk in flats. I was so used to walking on my tippy toes that I felt so awkward walking in flats. My feet would drag and I'd find myself trying to lift them up off the ground all awkwardly ha! And those mosquitos are sneaky! Love your pink cardigan. So pretty and perfect for summer! XO

  3. i love your outfit girl!!!!!!
    and it would be great to feature!!!!
    let me know

  4. Cute look!

  5. I bow down to you and your heel-wearing ability! I wear heels almost every day but only when I get into work, I just don't have the ability to strut around in them on the street! Really love your cute skirt!

  6. i love those nude heels. like love them, especially with the pink sweater. i love the academic kind of style to this outfit.

    and i hate mosquitoes. i have a bite on my arm that will drive me insane!

    <3 katherine
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  7. I love the whole outfit, especially the glasses! How very cute :) xx


  8. Cute outfit! I love the colors here. And I pretty much live in flats, so I applaud you for wearing heels so much!

  9. I hate mosquitoes, they always seem to attack me no matter how many other people I am around. I don't think they have managed to stop me wearing heels yet though. I hope your ankle gets better soon!


  10. Love how you combined the colors in this outfit!

  11. Aww love this cute nerdy look! How did u manage to wear heels all the time? & yeah I have to agree with you mosquitos like to leave their love bites at the ankle & of course collarbones! X

  12. These glasses are darling on you! I hate mosquitoes many bites lately.

    <3 Cambria

  13. Haha yeah, I usually wear heels almost all week (except on the weekends when I am at home doing nothing or when I am shopping) because I am so short! But sigh, I keep reading about how heels are bad for a person's knee and foot so I guess I will wear flats more :( Anyways, I really like this outfit, your heels are so pretty and so is your pink cardigan :)

  14. I like wearing heels but I'm a big fan of a decent flat too! This is a lovely outfit, I love the colours xxx

  15. You must be much more co-ordinated than me to go everywhere in heels. xD Lovely outift!

  16. Loooooooooove the glasses. Love. Also I have found I've become a flats person over the last year, I also struggle in heels! This is a pretty summery outfit :)

  17. cute outfit! just came across your blog and realized the second i saw you were wearing joe fresh that you're from canada too!!!

    happy almost canada day :)

    - katie


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