Monday, August 6, 2012

The casual suit

Reason #528 why it's great to be a girl: If you wear clothes like a well-dressed man, you're considered androgynously stylish.  On the other hand, if you're a guy and dress like a trendy girl...well, there are just a few stigmas attached to that.

In our world of shaky economies and finances, I'd like to say now that being a blogger can come with health benefits.  Thanks to Firmoo, I got myself a new pair of prescription glasses.  In the past, I've had trouble with frames being too heavy around my ears or constantly slipping off my dimensionless face.  After wearing these glasses around for a while, I can safely say that they're super lightweight and come designed with a little nose stand to compensate for my lack of a nose bridge.  And the best part?  They came with bubble wrap.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing: 
-Red cardigan 
-White blouse
-Dark denim shorts
-Auburn glasses from Firmoo

If you'd like a pair of Firmoo glasses, they're currently having a promotion for first-time buyers where you can receive a free pair of glasses- all you have to do is pay for shipping.


  1. I like everything about this look. It is modern, edgy and cool! :)

  2. Gorgeous look...LOVE IT.

    PS. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina
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  3. Love the glasses with the cardigan and top. For real, a fashionable pair of glasses can be hard to find.

    Also thanks for the comment last week. I'm going to follow you/like the way you write.


  4. Love your glasses and the pop of red cardigan!


  5. Love everything about this outfit!!!
    Have a nice day! :-))

  6. Wow those are such cute glasses! They really work with your menswear inspired ensemble. I love menswear looks's a good thing we can pull them off as ladies :) Oh...and that red colour is perfect on you!

    <3 Cambria

  7. Cute ourwfit, I like how it's a mash-up of feminine & masculine. Awesome glasses too

  8. I love the Firmoo glasses on you! I actually ordered myself a pair since they asked me to do the same thing. So loving the androgynous style you're sporting!


  9. Your new glasses look absolutely adorable! I love the pop of color with the red and how you added the cute neck tie too, so cute! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  10. I always love a cardigan! And that red one is great. ALthough considering the heat in Ottawa during the summer, I'm amazed that it's cool enough to actually wear them!

  11. Amazing outfit! Love your pictures!
    Im your new follower, you can follow me back if you want!

  12. Love your style; it is absolutely adorable. Thanks for a very sweet comment on my blog and I am now following you right back. Keep in touch. xo

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  13. Sabrina- I LOVE the tie on your blouse! GORGEOUS! I thought I was already following you, but apparently not! Following you know beautiful! :)
    Obviously Obsessed 

  14. I love the red on you. Great outfit and great photos!

  15. i love the quality of the photos and your outfits are always so spot on. would definitely wear this in a heartbeat!


  16. Hey, Sabrina. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Followed you now and hope you can follow back.

    This society is so double standard and it's always gonna be like that. I hate it sometimes when it's okay for men to say something dirty in public and when a women does, she's called slutty. Ugh. Just my thoughts.

  17. you look so classy, red is a great color on you. Your glasses are fab too. Just a perfect look!
    Let me know if you want to follow eachother (:


  18. hah totally true! this kind of brings me back to my uniform days! and unfortunately a lot of times i just do the eat more part and not the exercise part hahaha but im getting better!



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