Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Functionality over romance

The theme for this outfit was supposed to be 'date night', but with the mandatory use of jeans and a cami.  I have a few problems with this.  Firstly, "date night" is a really ambiguous term.  Are we talking about a date to impress a potential suitor or a date with a boyfriend?  Because they are two very different things.  I mean, if it's a date with a boyfriend, I've already hooked him so I'm a little less concerned with having to look absolutely stunning.  And since most dates revolve around a meal, I'd wear a dress/skirt instead of jeans...y'know, gotta wear something that can expand and make room for (or hide) extra food width.  What, you thought I wore dresses just to be pretty?  Pfft, it's all about the functionality needed when eating.  Yep, I'm romantic like that.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing: 
-Black lace cami 
-White blouse (tied at the back) 
-Red skinny jeans 
-Layered necklace 
-Feather ring 
-Silver wrap ring 
*All items c/o Smart Set

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  1. Great look and I agree with everything you said hahah!

    xoxo, Adela

  2. I think that's a lovely date outfit, especially the feminine shoes!
    Well..if it was a date with the bf, we've gone out so rarely I forgot how to walk, so whenever we go out I dress up like the Queen of England :D Pathetic :D

  3. Love this look! I've never thought of wearing a blouse that way - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'm really in love with the color of your pants.

  5. so cute.. nice pants color :)


  6. Thank you for the lovely post on my blog! I love your outfits, and I love me some red skinnies! I'm your newest follower :)

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  7. Love the red skinnies and the way you tied the blouse in the back. Super cute!

    xo Niki

  8. I really like this outfit - great for a date where you don't want to look like you tried to hard to get 'dolled up' but you still want to look really sexy.
    Congrats on getting in the finals! I hope you win!

  9. Such a stylish look and love it! I just bought ox blood jeans in Japan too :) Love your red lip color, by the way! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  10. I really hope you win!! Love the burgundy pants, I'm dying to get a pair myself!

  11. loved the red pants!


  12. Thank you thank you for sweet comment on my blog - I see here wonderful stylish girl :) That outfit is just gorgeous! :) you look fantastic! your style is so cool.
    you have amazing blog - I went through posts I would be very happy if we could follow each other?I'm your new fan on GFC :)it would be nice if you could follow me back
    I wait you in my blog!

  13. beautiful outfit you look very pretty in red :)
    when it comes to dating i think we should focus on the whole image not sth that looks too much but sth that makes us feel comfortable

    kisses dear!

  14. love the red jeans! colored denim is one of my favorite things right now!

  15. Nice post!
    Thank you for commenting in my blog.
    Following you now.. ;)
    Hope you’ll follow back. Thank’s A lot!

    Kisses from VV!!

  16. Man, you think just like me. Love it! Date night for me means loose clothes so I can eat to my hearts content HAHA :)

    I love that you broke down the types of date nights out there - I would definitely dress differently for both as well. Either way, your outfit is date night appropriate. Love the red!

  17. You look so lovely!Great blog. What about following each other?

  18. love the colored denim! it's going to look amazing with dark grey scarves and jackets in the winter.

  19. Great outfit, reminds me of The White Stripes :)


  20. Hi, Sabrina) I looked over your blog, its really great, you are such a beautiful girl! What would you say about following each otehr? I'm one of your new followers now. I must say thank you for visit at my blog and leaving such a lovely comment)
    Best wishes from Russia)

  21. your outfit is great! i love the rings you are wearing in this.

    lindsey louise

  22. Lovely outfit! Yes, function takes form over the need to just be pretty. But you got it both. :)

    Nice blog! I'm a new follower. :)
    Followin' you now on GFC. Hope we can follow each other. :)

    Goodluck to you in the contest. :)



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