Thursday, November 8, 2012

Twisted forest

Microsoft announced earlier this week that Windows Live Messenger (aka. MSN back in the good ol' days) will be discontinued. Personally, I know that that technology is quite terrible anyway, but I've got so many fond memories of being in high school and conversing like crazy over MSN. A few days ago, I read a few of my convos I had saved, and might I say...LOL. Half of those chat logs don't even make any real sense: "Dude, the cloud is whack!" Yes, we actually talked like that. C'mon, don't deny it- you used secret obscure codenames too! How else were you supposed to gossip about people without them knowing?

What I'm wearing:
-Houndstooth dress
-Blue cardigan
-Brown jacket
-Animal print scarf
-White beret


  1. Love your outfit. You look really lovely :)

  2. Love your houndstooth print skirt! Such a pretty scarf and beanie :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. Lovely and comfy outfit! Great post, thank you for share:D
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alex

  4. Awww it actually didn't hit me until you mentioned it. I have many fond memories on msn, too.

  5. Lovely blog, love the settings of your photos and your style!

    Would you mind checking out my latest blog post and let me know what you think? Would mean a lot to me!

    Thanks xx

  6. great outfit :)
    love your blog..
    you have a new follower..kisses

  7. i remember when AOL was cool. i love this outfit - the forest scenery is just perfect

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. That's really sad news. One thing or a type of technology ending.

  9. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog recently, very sweet of you :) I like your sense of style, that's a well put together outfit x

  10. Amazing winter style lovely, and such nice pictures as well.

    You have a very nice blog. My first visit and definitely not my last.
    Following you on GFC, blogloving & G+. Would love it if you stopped my and checked out my blog, maybe follow back if you like it?

    Stay in touch!


  11. oh dear god, I would die if I reread some of my msn convos xD but wow the thought of "msn messenger" really brings me back. haha

    I love winter the most because we can wear knitted hats again <3 your white beret is adorable!


  12. Love this look! Your skirt is super cute and I love your sweater!

    Kate xo

  13. So cute, I love that skirt!



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