Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cancer bag

Apparently there's a Californian law that requires companies to warn consumers if their product contains even the slightest amount of cancer-causing chemicals.  I know this is a safety precaution, but there's something very unnerving about receiving an item that may or may not have toxic chemicals somewhere in it. I've never seen a label like this before, so it caught me off-guard.  My initial reaction was to hold my bag at the very edges to prevent touching it too much (yeah, like that's gonna prevent cancer from smudging all over me).  I kind of accept that pretty much everything nowadays is said to give you cancer.  Heck, there's even a risk just by stepping outside (hello, UV rays).  So unless there's a super eminent risk, I'd prefer if my bags didn't come with cancer warnings.  I prefer living in a bubble of denial more than living in a bubble of paranoia. 

Photos by Pop Champagne 

What I'm wearing: 
-Short sleeve cardigan from BCBG 
-Aquamarine bag from lulus.com
-Fringe skirt 
-Grey ribbed legwarmers


  1. Eek that would make me paranoid too! But it's a cute bag sooo... maybe it's worth being extra cautious ;]


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  3. my favorite item from your outfit is definitely your purse ;) what a pretty mint color! PLUS it has a bow. and bows always win xD

    also, I wouldn't worry too much about cancer causing chemicals. like you said, they are everywhere. I work with carcinogenic chemicals all the time in the lab and it ultimately comes down to the amount of exposure over many years.

    ps. sorry for above, i had a typo and it really bothered me. haha


  4. Well, I really don't think the bag is dangerous. You have to be exposed to a big amount of these chemicals in order to get cancer. And then again, you can get cancer if you've never been exposed to anything. Smokers get a lot of poison in their lungs, and most of them never get cancer. So it really depends on the organism itself.
    Oh boy, love the ribbed socks! ^^

  5. I saw a label like that on a Modcloth bag that I wanted, but it totally turned me off. That said, in spite of its potentially carcinogenic properties, that bag is really cute!

  6. This is really cute, I like all those layers :)

  7. lovely bag dear!!

    tnx for your post!
    my pleasure to follow each other!


  8. I completely agree with you! Everything can give you cancer and I am definitely susceptible to paranoia! I really do love the bag though!


  9. you look beautiful !! you really do! thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?!


  10. Nicely boho-inspired look, which is perfect for casual ocassions :D

    Cheers :)


  11. The bag is super cute, but I completely agree with you about the warning- pretty crazy! I am pretty sure I once bought a mug that had that on it. A MUG, really?! At least something you wear seems better then something you drink out of! Either way- scary!

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  13. Yah the whole cancer deal is a bit unnerving. I LOOOVE the bag it's the perfect shade of turquoise too! Super cute. I love your style it's so effortless and yet looks so comfy!! Thanks again for commenting on my blog. <3

  14. nice style!

    your newest follower no.549, hope you can follow back!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  15. haha i like bubbles of denial way more too. that's a good precaution though- especially since california is one of the most health conscious states. but cancery or not, your bag is super cute! i love that mint color

  16. Awesome blog, great style you have:)

    Let's follow each other via bloglovin/fb? Take a look at my blog, curious what you think about it:) Let me know dear!



  17. really like it.

    it's girly and comfy and the same time;))

  18. Yeah it's true that nowadays
    everything seems to have
    elements that cause cancer..
    I think it's important that
    despite these days, to eat
    healthy (organic) stuff :P

    Love your bag btw! xx

  19. Me encanta el look y todos los demás!
    Te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  20. You look so cute! Adore your bag.

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  21. Loving this look & the bag is to die for



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