Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A new road

It was my first day of starting post post-secondary education today. And I'm a bit ashamed to admit, but as I met new people, I had a Mean Girls-esque monologue going through my head. I'm in web design, and I swear that there are the most stereotypical characters in my program. You've got the underachievers, the guys who don't see the light of day, girls who only dress in hoodies, hipster artists, balding man who lives with his mom, people who won't get off their high horse, and the greatest person you will ever meet (obviously me). Though I might also be known as "girl who wore heels when everyone else was in flip flops and sneakers".

Photos by Pop Champagne
Blue ruffle top from Jacob / Lace shorts from Forever 21

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  1. Oh wow... that is funny how you had Mean Girls in your head while meeting all the different types of people at your school. I loved that movie so much! You look very nice. I love the lace shorts! xx Pip
    Easy Outfits by Pip

  2. Haha, if only you could've voiced this monologue!
    And yeah, I have a feeling that's what I often get labeled as...the girl who wore heels while everyone else is in flats aka: "practical" shoes :P
    Love the lace shorts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. oh gosh, i love this outfit! i adore the white short here!

    lindsey louise

  4. Naaah, it's normal to hate everyone in the beginning. No one is capable of perfect first time impression :D I bet that in time you're gonna like most of these people :D, or maybe just ignore them :D

    Adore these feminine shorts of yours!

  5. That's awesome girl! Congrats on starting your first day of post secondary education! You're post reminded me of one thing....I don't miss school loll! Those lace shorts look adorable on you! Great look!

  6. I totally understand about being 'the girl in heels while everyone is in fli flops or sneakers'. People look at me in a certain way. haha. But you go ahead and just be yourself! Love your fashion sense and those shorts are pretty! All the best in your studies!

    xx Mandy

  7. I love the texture of your lace shorts. You styled this look so well!

    fashion and tea

  8. I think the dialogue is just a defense mechanism? You will lose that as you get comfortable and succeed, high heels and all!
    Congrats on your new journey! Love your outfit, and will follow you.
    XX, Elle

  9. What a beautiful outfit !



  10. The shorts look amazing!

  11. Sabrina, good luck on your adventure. I know what you mean when others looks the same and you are different. I have experience it at work and beyond the stares that I got later these co workers of mine started giving me compliments and asking me where do I shop. Before the work ended I became their style to go to. You look pretty in this outfit and i am loving the shorts. The pictures are wonderful too. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  12. I love that you stayed true to yourself by wearing heels, you go girl :) I love the lace shorts-they are so pretty!

  13. hahaha you're such a mean girl -- i like how you have a mean expression in the photo too. Loooove your outfit!


  14. Loving the lace shorts - very pretty.

  15. pretty shorts :)

  16. wow your legs.. so skinny! :) and love the pictures and the outfit! love the sleeves of the navy blue top and the lace shorts!!!!! so prettyyyyyyy :) hahaha.. and your monologue made me laugh a little. haha..

    xoxo, Joei
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  17. That is a wonderful outfit! I really like the blouse a lot- so pretty and feminine! :)

  18. What a cute outfit! I love the femininity of the ruffled top and the lace shorts. Sounds like you really stood out in your heels ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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