Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to: Wear knee-length skirts

As a non-short (yet not quite tall) person, I can't believe how short above-the-knee skirts are getting nowadays. Which is why I'm ecstatic that knee-length or below the knee skirts are back in style. With the dominant style being about showing leg for a while now, I find myself concerned that midi skirts will cut my leg off in an awkward spot to make me look stubby. So I've put together a few tips on how to choose and style a knee-length skirt that will still accentuate your height.

1.)  Choosing a length: What you want is a skirt that falls right below the knee to a length just above your calves. Avoid skirts that cover only a part of your knee joint. This would cut off the length of your legs at an awkward place, leaving your lower leg looking stubby and your knee looking unnatural.

2.)  Straight cuts: While a tight bodycon skirt might look too much like a tight burrito wrap on your legs, a flexible pencil skirt can do wonders to look relaxed and/or sophisticated. To flatter your figure, try finding a skirt that goes inwards slightly around the hem so there's emphasis on your curves.

3.)  Feeling flowy: If you're more of a flowy chiffon or A-line skirt person, try to find a pleated skirt. Even subtle pleats will create vertical lines for the eye to follow, giving you a leaner look.

4.)  Shoe pairings: Like in any other outfit, this is pretty much personal. But keep in mind that if you're going for a chunky edgy look with ankle boots, make sure the top of the shoe falls below your calves. Then, the hem of the skirt over the knee and the top of the shoe below the calf creates a natural window for the eyes, which emphasized the length of the lower legs.

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  1. These are great tips hun, the girl in the burgundy skirt with a slit is amazing! I think I'd go for the burgundy flowy skirt outfit though, looks really pretty! x

  2. Yup, when worn right, these skirts look so crisp and chic!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I'm quite short so the midi length is veeery hard for me to style. :D I can't seem to find the perfect balance between proportions! Thanks for sharing this ^_^

  4. LOVE the pleated black one pictured!

  5. These skirt lenght is really on trend. I guess I'd try some baggy layered option.

  6. Love them all. I am short, so I need to ensure I wear a heel with my skirts.

  7. Gorgeous inspiration. I love how there are so many different styles to the knee length skirt!

  8. Thanks for advice:) Such a useful and inspiring article, well done) I also want to congratulate you with the international women's day:) Have a wonderful day!

  9. great post
    so many inspiring styles

    wish you a good weekend

  10. Love this skirt length, so chic! These looks are gorgeous, but I don't think pleating is that flattering really, it actually gives you extra volume... Happy women's day!

  11. the first on the right! omg so lovely!

    keep in touch :)
    on-going giveaway


  12. I love knee-length skirts but I always have to wear heels with them because I think my legs are just too short! Oh well. Love the inspiration images you've chosen. Visit me sometime :)


  13. Yes this length can be hard to pull off if you are not tall. Great tips!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  14. I've been having a hard time with this trend as a curvy gal. I'll have to dedicate a day to the search.
    These are good starter tips for the hunt.


  15. Love the Inspirations


  16. Great tips dear, thank you so much for sharing, It's really helpful !

    Chic Swank

  17. great post! :)
    you've got a lovely blog!
    would you love to follow each other? we could follow via GFC or via email and also on another socials like twitter instagram or lookbook

    just let me know on my blog :)


  18. Love them all, and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I really like your outfit in the blog post below.xx

  19. Definitely loving all of your street style picks. Just beautiful!! :)
    xo TJ

  20. the first one right looks really chic :) xx

  21. These skirts are really elegant, i love them!


  22. I have a few knee-length skirts but am always at a loss on how to style them! This is really helpful! :)

  23. Nice sharing pretty ^_^ Hope you don't mind to join or follow my blog site " " appreciate and Thank you :)


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