Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Damage control

Spiked blouse from Forever 21 / Messenger bag from Asos / Denim shorts from Necessary Clothing / Lace shoes from H&M

A month ago, I got bitten by a mosquito and it ended up swelling up like mad into a disgusting blister after an allergic reaction. I ended up spending Canada Day in the most Canadian way possible -- in a walk-in clinic with my free healthcare. So here if you plan on being a doctor, here are some things that your patients don't want to see/hear: 
  • Please don't walk into my appointment wearing a Polo and Nike runners. I need the comfort from the authority of a lab coat. 
  • After I tell you what's wrong, don't ask me how I want to tackle it. You're supposed to tell me. That's why I'm here! 
  • Don't ask me whether I want oral antibiotics or a cream. Then when I ask what works better, don't go into another room "to check"...I assume you're on Google/Wikipedia. 
  • "Oh hey, maybe it is infected!" is not an effective form of diagnosis. 
So after wearing gauze for 2 weeks, I ran out of gauze and had to use a ghetto paper towel with tape over my blister so I wouldn't scare women and children. I'm down to a bandaid now, which is actually pretty exciting. I don't do sports and I essentially live in a bubble, so this is the first time I've been "injured" in 15 years. So, I have the injury mentality of a 7 year old and was freaked out the whole time. Thank goodness my booboo is better!

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  1. ahh that is so frustrating :/ I'm glad you're feeling better now though!
    love your messenger bag (I love structured bags hehe). so cute!

  2. Oh geez, I hate bug bites! I'm sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction to one.
    And wow, what a super casual doctor! That would totally make me nervous!
    On a sartorial note, super love how casual-cool but also feminine this look is - that bag is absolutely lovely!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. What a horrible experience at the Doctors'! :( So sorry to hear that. Though, as always your outfit is perfect!!

  4. Love the blouse half tucked in like that! I think walk-in centres are the same worldwide, my local one seems to be run by student nurses who haven't got a clue!

    Tara x

  5. Omg, doctors there aren't the brightest huh? At least you have free healthcare,lol :D Glad to see you're alive and kickin, love the rad top ^^

  6. Omg I can't believe that doctor (are you sure it was one?) was that bad. I'm glad you're feeling better again. You look amazing. I love the blouse.


  7. What a story, glad you're better! I love this cool summer outfit :-)!

  8. Wow not a fun experience at that walk-in!! Great look on you-love how you styled it, very casual chic! Thanks for stopping by:)

  9. I love this look! It is perfect for Summer. Those studs are to die for.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  10. Ouch! Will it scar?

  11. Really love the studs on your top! And that bag is perfect and classy ;)


  12. Ok, chuckling at your misfortune probably wasn't the best reaction on my part, but the way you wrote down your experience in words was just hilarious! I'm sorry for the experience, though. That sucks! Love your casual outfit! :)


  13. OMG that sounds like a Ninja mosquito! Looking good though!



  14. Sabrina,
    I really laughed through this post, at your writing, not your look, which i adore!
    your writing: crisp, satirical with god insight and numor. I agree, and that is why I consult Dr. Google instead of running out of the comfort of my home for a questionable diagnosis, and even more questionable medicine. ( I do see good docs, though, there are a few left.
    your style: Love the cool studded sleeveless number and the chic khaki shorts. Love the tiny bit of belly showing, and I love that bag!
    Stay sincere!
    xx, Elle

  15. Love the neutral colours for this outfit~ that top is so chic the way you styled it *w*
    And, ouch! Mosquito bites are so itchy and I just hate them!! I never had to go to the doctor's because of them though, haha. LOL, way to spend your Canada Day! :P X

    Chic Nikkie

  16. Holy crap that experience sounds horrifying! I can't a doctor would act so unprofessional and seem so unreliable! I've been to my fair share of walk-in clinics when I have some minor issue but never have I had such bad service (or whatever it's called). Doctors have certainly misdiagnosed me in the past but at least they had the courtesy to seem certain and give me some confidence in their skills and my future recovery. Speaking of mosquitoes becoming a blister, that happened to my friend recently when she came to visit Singapore! She eventually had to burst the blister with a sterilized needle-- not fun.

    Despite all of that stuff, you look super cute! I love these distressed denim shorts and that spiked top! Just perfect for Canadian summer day :)

    xx Debbie


  17. Lol! Are you sure it was a doctor who treated you and not the medical secretary? ;) I hope the bite´s okay now, skin blisters especially from insect bites (in this case mosquito) are quite bothersome. On a lighter note, love the casual chic look you´re wearing today!


  18. Super casual yet pretty outfit! I love how you tucked in your shirt like that...I've always wanted to try that. Anyway, reading your blurb about spending your Canadian Day in your free healthcare clinic made me laugh because that's so true! Hope you're feeling better!
    xo Olivia

  19. OMG that's scary & hilarious at the same time Sabrina....hope you get well soon too!! I've gone over your latest style posts...and they are seriously so adorable and stylish on you!


  20. such a cute casual look, love it! hope you get better quick:).


  21. I love your spiked blouse. I don't plan on being a doctor coz I'm already an engineer but those are really funny and actually quite true. Ha! Would you like to follow each other via gfc or bloglovin?


  22. So sorry for you! I hope you're feeling better now. Love the Forever 21 blouse.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  23. I cannot believe your doctor, that sounds terrible! I seriously would not be happy if that happened to me! You look lovely, I used to have a shirt really similar to that but in dark red

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  24. Really cute and simple outfit!


  25. Wonderful colours, just a perfect look!! <3

    xoxo Iren


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