Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sheer madness

Navy blouse c/o Lovely Wholesale / Lace skirt from Shop Ruche / Studded black bag / Navy Keds sneakers 

I'd like to take this time to highlight the importance of having good lighting in your room. I got ready for work thinking I had a nice little outfit going on. It wasn't until after I got off work that I was informed that my shirt was fairly see-through. Oh, the shame! I work in an office with big bright windows and I'm pretty sure that lighting situation brought some unwanted highlights to my outfit. So thanks to dim lighting in my room (and maybe not enough caffeine), I didn't see that my bra was visible. Terrific. 

In other news, I won a gift card to Shop Ruche about a year ago from Lot 65. I've been waiting for my friends to get married so I could buy something accordingly, but I got tired of waiting and went for this skirt while it was on sale. It's so pretty, but I gotta say that I'm disappointed that it fits a bit too tight. On the site, the measurements fit my usual size. But with this skirt on, it constricts my ribs and leaves a purple ring around my torso from cutting the blood circulation. Ugh, I hate inconsistent sizing.

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  1. That sucks, that why I am a bit skeptical when it comes to shopping online, I am always worried about the sizing. I love the pairing of this outfit. The lace is perfect, its too bad it was sea-through.

  2. I love all of the lace and that skirt is fab!

  3. You're not the only one with that problem haha I have to transition from closet to hallway for just the lighting!
    It's adorable, totally see that top for a dressy outfit, too :)


  4. Shame about the fit of the skirt, this whole looks is so beautiful and feminine!

    Tara x

  5. Nice:) x

  6. Such a beautiful and delicate look, I love it!

  7. Ahh, I love how flirty and feminine this is. Adorable!

  8. Boy can I relate! I have terrible lighting in my room. God awful. Usually it's a problem when it comes to my makeup. Sometimes I look so beautifully blended but then I look at my face in the car and turns out I still have major dark circles. >.<

    This is a great outfit-- you've blended different styles very nicely here. But you do that with all your outfits. ;)

  9. This look is stunning on you! Love the lace and the navy and white combo! So pretty!

    <3 Shannon

  10. This is such a perfect combos. you look lovely and feminine to go to work:). Sorry about the room messed up light so that your top can see the see through. I've the same problem with light in my dress room and I've had some outfit in the passed messed up too:). Thank you for the followed, I've added you back as well.

    Happy weekend:).

  11. beautiful ;)

  12. LOVE your outfit!


  13. I love this blouse, the sleeves are absolutely beautiful!

    xx Cara

  14. Fabulous look! The whole outfit is amazing and I love yor skirt!!

    ♘ ♘

  15. This is such a pretty and feminine outfit-love the beautiful lace detailing on the top!!

  16. Oh well! I would be lying if I said no one ever saw my bra through so sheer tops. It's a lovely look, so you should still be proud. Very light and feminine.

  17. Amazing blog! I love this look as well!



  18. Oh noes! I can feel you :( But hey, be happy about the fact that someone did inform you (I know the other way around, too)! Anyway, the navy blue blouse look fabulous - I love the lace details so much!

    Rathana xo

  19. Wow you look so beautiful in this outfit! So romantic! :)
    Such a shame that the skirt doesn't fit you perfectly, I definitely know what you mean as I hate the feeling of disappointment when I have spent my money online on an item that at the end doesn't even fit!
    But besides that as I said this is such lovely outfit!

  20. Lovely skirt!

  21. I absolutely love this pairing! I find lace a little tricky to style sometimes but this was just done perfectly right! love the entire look!


  22. What a lovely blog, and great pictures too :)

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x

  23. gorgeous outfit! i love combining blue and white for summer!

  24. Love this outfit its so pretty x

  25. Such a lovely lace outfit! shame that the skirt isn't comfortable to wear, as it looks very pretty! :)

    Away From The Blue

  26. Love this feminine look! And I agree, good lighting is important - I sometimes don't realize that certain things are see-through either.


  27. Don't worry. Just wear a cardigan at work or place a permanent cardigan at work so you can avoid issues like that =)
    I really like those lace trimmings on the shoulder =)

    P.S. You've been nominated the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. If you'd like to participate, do have a look at my recent post. If not, it's ok too =D


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