Monday, October 5, 2015

Phasing out the heels

Image via Erica Pelosini

I used to be the kind of person who would wear heels every single day. Okay, maybe not heels, but some kind of height. Making your legs look longer is a big bonus, but I think I also like being a tall giant. In a crowded group of people, I'm tall enough to have air. And when you're running for a bus, people get out of the way a lot faster for a woman aggressively sprinting in heels.

I would tell myself that I was comfortable in heels, that I was skilled. And I still am. Except that I did something uncharacteristic this summer - I wore sneakers. And holy tuna on a cracker, I've discovered what real comfort feels like. I'm at that age where I'm starting to realize how much of an adult I am. No, not because I have a real job and complain about the shambles of the economy, but because I'm breaking. Who is has knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and a clicking hip? Just me? Okay nevermind.

Clinging onto my youth, I haven't completely given up on cute shoes yet, so I've been trying to find ways to incorporate comfier shoes into my wardrobe. Lucky for me, my comfy shoe revelation happened at the perfect time. I wore out my heels for as long as I could in the summer, but now that it's finally cooler, I've been happily shlepping around in low ankle booties. There are few items that I consider to be truly classic (hello, even jeans go in and out of style), but the black ankle boot has survived season after season after season.

But the real perfect timing is in what's been trending lately. Sneakers with everything? Yes please. I don't have to worry about seeming too casual at work since sneakers and skirts seem to be the newest thing. It might be a little strange, even for an office with no dress code, but I feel a lot better getting away with it because it's in. I've been loving this look lately. Something about the mix between the busy professional attitude and the more active lifestyle work so well together.

So I'm fully on board with comfort. I've said hello to orthotics and goodbye to knee pain. Because I can't totally give up on heels, I've been using Zappos coupons to score chunky heels, which are still mildly uncomfortable, but hey I'm allowed to treat myself.

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  1. I'm all about chunky heels and sneakers!

    Tara x

  2. I always go with flats to work, but heels are a must over the weekend. Who doesnt want a shoe collection such as the one pictured? *-*

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I love you wear heels at any time and any place! But sometimes I just can't resist a flat!

  4. Wow I'm always so impressed by people who can wear heels every where!! For me my feet start complaining after an hour or two so I never can if I know I'll be on my feet a lot. Or I would bring a pair of flats along to change them out.

    xx freshfizzle

  5. I am a mixture of both - I love high heels as much as I love sneakers ( the more comfy shoes in general). But as I am now working in an insurance company with a strict business etiquette I do wish that I would be able to wear sneakers, for example, a little bit more often than only two days a week! :/

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