Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The bikini's birthday

It was 65 years ago today that French designer Louis Reard unveiled the two-piece swimsuit dubbed, the "bikini".  So let's take a post to celebrate not only this distinct piece of apparel, but other swimwear styles as well.
1.  Florals and ruffles, how adorable! With a tied bandeau top and short V-shorts with a slight ruffle, I think this style is my favourite.
2.  This simple bandeau is one thing, but for this bikini in particular, lace is what makes it. Not to mention that it has gold trim in the centre.  I think this is one of those "I'm just gonna sit by the pool and look good" bikinis that aren't so much meant for water.
3.  The halter bikini has a great retro feel to it, though the tan line associated with it may cause some problems.
4.  And of course, the classic V-top- arguably the most common today.  It's probably my least favourite of the four, yet the only kind I own.  I guess that means a summer upgrade is in order? (aka. shopping trip!)

Speaking of unique swimsuits and tan lines...what do you think of this one?

Now, I'm all for uniqueness in apparel, but it would probably take some daring folks to pull this H&M style off.  Personally, I'm a no, but the style has me intrigued.  Would you wear a swimsuit like this?

Alright, go celebrate the bikini's birthday- off to the beach, everyone!


  1. Cool!! Thanks for the fashion fact. As far as the cutout one, I would if I didn't have a big chest.

    Live Life in Style

  2. I love the cutout bathing suit from H&M but I think that would make for weird tan lines...however I do love bikini's nos. 1 & 2 too! Great post! :)


  3. I love the floral one too and I think that the H&M swimsuit is adorable. The tan line would look hilarious though. I once had a monokini tan line and let me tell you...it was not cute.

    Oh, Christine from the blog Heart Made passed the Best Blog Award on to me and I got to choose 15 other bloggers to pass it on to. You were one of them hun. Check it out on my blog.

  4. it would definitely take a lot of guts to wear that second h&m bathing suit- i think it's really cool, but it would cause some major tan lines...


    sorelle in style

  5. Oh wow, I love that swimming costume! And only a tenner...tempting

    Love your blog :)

    B xo

  6. love the floral . anything floral is always super cute!

  7. I would definitely wear that swimsuit. I think it's a bit daring, but gorgeous as well.

  8. How fun! I had no idea! Leave it to the French to set the ultimate swimwear trend.

  9. I have this swimsuit and I love it a lot!!!!




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