Monday, July 18, 2011

Melodic bird songs

By 'melodic bird songs', I don't mean chirping and all that fun stuff (especially not in reference to crows and seagulls, those are just annoying!).  For this Music Monday, I give you a song with 'bird' in the title, accompanied by a dose of my new love for birdcage necklaces.

Is there not something so delicately beautiful about birdcage jewelry, particularly necklaces?  Especially if you look at the intricacy of some with little bird figures perched within the cage.  I'm usually a fan of silver jewelry, but this is one piece that I simply adore in a rustic bronze or gold.  This would be quite an ideal piece to any vintage collection.

And for the song of the day (Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine), it came on the internet radio while I was looking out the window on a sunny day while my heart was kinda heavy.  Honestly, I don't even think I had a reason to feel sad, but I was listening to slow songs that kind of put you in that kind of a mood.  It's quite a beautiful tune though- even though I was majorly turned off when I found out it came from the Twilight soundtrack.  Oh well, at least they got something right.  (Do note that I've never watched or read it- I just have an unreasonable dislike for it based on the commercials and millions of funny fans)

And speaking of little birdies, I tweet. My tweets are a hoot. 
...Okay, no more bad bird jokes.
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  1. LOVE the bird cage pendant!! I think another thing that makes it pretty is the color. That dull copper of most bird cages. :)

  2. Oh my! Such pretty, delicate necklaces. And the pictures are amazing.



  3. this is amazing! the bird cage is so cute! :) and your blog is really interesting :)
    im your new follower :)


  4. thank you so much for your lovely comment, sabrina :) I really love your awesome pictures and also your style !! :-)

  5. This necklace is so gorgeous! <3



  6. Love it.. I loved Iron and Wine long before it was played in Twilight.. Awesome song though..

  7. I adore the last one! <3 Bird cages look amazing in gold!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. love the necklace!!

  9. This is adorable, and I love the birdie necklace, love!

    xo Maddy


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