Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally, I get to blow a paycheck again

I started this segment in the summer where I would hypothetically spend all the money from my last paycheck.  Well, after paying tuition, I didn't even have any hypothetical money to spend.  But the account balance has finally recovered and I'm back for more hypothetical spending!

Ottawa Fashion Week is soon approaching.  As a staff member, I'm required to dress in all black. Sure, it could be fun mixing and matching skirts, pants, and blouses...but I'm kinda lazy and would rather just throw on a dress so I don't have to think. These dresses from The Outnet particularly caught my eye.  Especially the last one.  I wouldn't wear it to the shows, but there are a few media parties I'd be happy to attend in that!  Also, as much of a fan as I am of the classic LBD, I enjoy the little edgy uniqueness to this set, whether it be in the texture or straps.
1 2 3 4 5

And I would have $42.33 left of my paycheck if I spent my whole paycheck on all these dresses.  Usually I try to spend all of it, but even the thought of hypothetically spending everything scares me.  Gotta stray away from being an actual starving student!


  1. i like the second one and the fourth one! haha i always blow my money on clothes!


  2. Loving the first two dresses, blow the money I say! xoxo

  3. Nice dresses, I like the shapes. The complicated strap arrangement on the second one is cool.

  4. Haha... yes, splurging on a fab dress gives me such a high, hypothetically but realistically, I would just run into a corner and cry foul lol But I would break the bank hypothetically for that 3rd dress.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. Haha, I always spend most of my paycheck on clothes. I promise myself to cut off on clothes expenses but it never works :D

    classy & fabulous


  6. I was AWFUL! Haha as a student, I was tempted to spend a 5 months budget on a Burberry Coat, and spend the rest of my time eating bread and tomato soup and pasta. But I chickened out or saw sense!!

  7. love the header!!^^

    xoxo dear! :)

  8. haha that's so funny...I do the exact same thing!
    I'm always at the store...holding a ton of things over my arm and silently subtracting the amounts out of the paycheck I will be receiving! a habit I definitely need to stop!
    but all of these dresses are great picks!! like them all!!



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