Monday, November 28, 2011

The gift of support

No, I'm not talking about charity. Or a bra.  I'm talking about supporting local talent.  What do I want for Christmas this year?  I want something from a local designer/business.  I've met them, interviewed them, friended them on facebook, and gushed about how great their stuff is.  But I have yet to actually own anything from any of the great designers I speak of.  I think it's time to start walking the talk.

And did I mention that every item (except for #1) is on sale until Friday?  Not only am I providing you with a fabulous shopping guide, but I'm also giving you a chance to get me something on sale.  What's better than that?

1. Silver High Waisted Skirt from Another Word For Pink (by Breeyn McCarney).  I am in love with this skirt.  I love Breeyn's work in general, but I especially love how she has this diffusion line for normal folk like me to afford her beautiful work. A silver skirt?  Now that's a head-turner.

2.  Red Mushroom Pouch by Demu.  Okay, I'll accept the less expensive version without the spikes, but really, the spikes are really what give the pouch its special edge (literally!).  C'mon, I wanna be badass!

3 4 5 6 7.  MAFIA jewellery.  I've had my eye on their spunky pieces for a while now.  Especially the BANG necklace- it was the first piece I fell in love with.  But I'm totally a fan of vintage phones and gramophones too.

Regardless if you've picked up a little something for me on this list (but you should've), I've picked up a little something for people that I can now cross off my "To shop for" list.  Hourrah! Happy shopping!


  1. ohh I love that skirt!! haha I have yet to own a Mafia piece too

  2. Love love love the Bang-Necklace! So funny for a cartoon-girl like me :D


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