Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh, I love Stolen Kisses!

I understand that colours come in shades- like dark blue and light blue.
I understand that colours are given names based on similar objects- like lime green and emerald green.
I understand that colours are assigned special names in branding efforts- like Tiffany blue.
I even understand giving the same colour different names because of a minuscule difference in its tone- like Chantilly lace and snow (okay c'mon, it's white).

But I do not understand how intangible concepts can suddenly become colours. Well okay, I understand it for its branding efforts.  Let's take NARS for example.  Obviously, sex sells.  But usually when a lipstick is advertised for its "sexy colour", it holds the implication that its hot rouge will make you irresistible.  But with NARS, it's the colours themselves that are sexy.  Please explain to me how Stolen Kisses, Orgasm, Pillow Talk, and Striptease are  colours. Actually, don't...and get your mind out of the gutter!  

If I was to make up a random name for a makeup colour, I'd call it Sarcasm. Then I could pause before a good joke and say, "Excuse me, I need to apply some Sarcasm".


  1. I agree with your point of view but I also like wierd product names. I LOVE all the OPI colour names :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a new follower of yours now

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  2. This made me laugh! Seriously, brands try to incorporate sexual "shades" to get more attention! I love it though when fruits are used to name shades :)


  3. Great post! Love these lovely colour!

  4. Ahhh your posts are so so amusing. I laughed reading them all :) I sort of see where you're coming from with all these names. It's really awkward to say in public as well - "Hand me my blush. I need a little Orgasm." :))

    Hope to hear back from you! :)


  5. Haha agreed, it is mental, but hey, the colours are so similar, I mean how many types of pink can there be? I suppose its necessary to go off track! 0_o xx

  6. Haha that is SO true. I guess everyone is trying to be a little cheeky these days. Cute post :)

  7. Haha, this is true!
    BUT, Nars actually came up with "Orgasm" for their signature peachy/coral blush because it's said to flatter every skin tone and mimic the "natural flush you are left with after an orgasm"! ;) As for their other ridiculous names? I have no clue where that inspiration stems from.


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