Sunday, April 8, 2012


There are two kinds of boyfriend shirts:
1. The kind that is nicely styled and good for a casual day.
2. The kind that you wear while you're doing the Walk of Shame.

The other day, I'm pretty sure I saw someone with the latter...or the former, but with a pair of short shorts on that made it look like the latter. Another day, I saw someone with her blouse around her waist buttoned half way down to resemble a slit...or at least that's what I thought she was going for.  So I have taken it upon myself to fuse their two looks together for a sort of "styling the boyfriend shirt for dummies" kind of post. In my opinion, it's not something I'd wear on a daily basis, but it's mildly less sloppy than the whole baggy shirt over the short shorts thing.

Though I'd say the most popular way to style this is by buttoning up the shirt.  However, I find that this only works if your waist is small enough to button the shirt evenly. You should probably try to tie the sleeves in a neat bow, unlike me.  I prefer to wear the unbuttoned shkirt to the side, but centering it works well too, especially if you're choosing to button the shirt.  In these photos, I chose to leave the collar as is (sticking out a bit), but folding down the collar nearly into the insides of the shkirt makes for a more symmetrical look.  

To experiment with this style, you're going to need a button-down shirt from a boyfriend, a husband, or a close-male-friend-who-you're-sorta-seeing-but-not-really-together-with.  Or if you have none of the above, you can do as my singleton self did and buy a blouse 4 sizes too big. 

*Edit: As per a few comments, yes, this is just a fancy way of tying a shirt around your waist when left unbuttoned.

Photos by Pop Champagne


  1. Also known as the "I just got my period, sorry" look, ala middle school.

  2. lawl ya i rmb when tieing sweaters across my waist was cool... in grade 5

  3. amazing. this is simple look yet you're so beautiful. love the photoshots

  4. I always wear the boyf's shirt when go on a night out then it starts getting cold. Thank God he always wears a tshirt under his shirts :) You look great!


  5. the sleeves on your blouse are killer!

  6. Your post made me laugh, you look great! Thanks for stopping by!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I like the way you knotted your shirt as skirt!

  8. thx for your comment :D

    I like your blog..:D

    If you like I will follow you via GFC, ok..:D

    visit me again :D


  9. Love your shirt - great scenery for the photos! Thanks for the support on my DSLR's definitely hurting my wallet this month but like you said, it was so worth it :)

    xx from Montreal,


  10. haha, great post, I lol'd!
    Thanks for commenting and following, you made my day!
    ps: almost your 300th follower, damn! ;-)

  11. love your shirt, you look so pretty xx

    violetheart xxoo

  12. i used to always tie my shirt or jumper around my waist when i was a young teen!
    you make it look stylish!


  13. Hey Sabrina!

    Love the simple outfit , I really like how you tied the shirt around your waist. I think the 90's trend has trend has made it's way back and become very popular again haha , but you wear it very well.

    very cool to meet a fellow Canadian blogger , great about page , i somehow fell into fashion blogging as well.



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