Monday, August 19, 2013

Multi stripes

I don't own many plain and simple t-shirts. And if I do, they're from a few years ago when the whole super fitted thing was in style. If you didn't know, 'fitted' isn't exactly comfortable. Other fitting terms for "fitted" might include: constraining, restricting, cutting off your air flow. So after I put on this t-shirt, I don't know how I'm gonna go back. It flatters my figure but flows away from my body. I actually have space to breathe! And it has a silky front, which gets even more bonus points for comfort.

You know what else I need more of? Matte jewellery. The gold in the necklace is standard gold (is there such thing as matte gold?) but the black is matte, which is a nice change from the usual glossy textures that I own.

Photos by Pop Champagne 

Multi stripe t-shirt c/o Jacob / Square necklace c/o eFoxcity / Striped skirt from Forever 21 
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  1. Love this look! I am so addicted to stripes!

  2. Love how you paired the strip top and the skirt!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  3. You can never have enough stripes, you've definitely proved that!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Finding the right fit of t-shirt can be So difficult! But this one looks amazing on you! It's flattering, but also unique and super chic. Love!


  5. Wow...the stripes are so cool! You look amazing!
    Follow me!

  6. I love wearing stripes, so flattering. You look amazing x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  7. Stripes are like the trend now. Can't get enough of them. You look amazing :)

    xx Mandy

  8. I don't own any t-shirts at all any more! I love the look, and I'd love to see those shoes from the side view!

  9. so cool!!! maybe we can follow each other?let me know <3

  10. I LOVE this outfit!
    I would totally wear this since I love stripes and love black & white.

  11. I love this look!! It's so beautiful and classy!

  12. Very gorgeous! I adore stripes. :)

  13. thanks for your comment on my blog! love these photos. theoutit is perfect and the location is just right for fashion photos :) i'm following you now, hopefully you can follow back too!

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  14. wow, thank you for the pics! you look really pretty in this outfit~ and im a new korean beauty blogger, do you think you can check out my blog and maybe follow if you like it so far? ^.^ Shinesque (xx)

  15. Nice outfit! You look great!

  16. Love your skirt!! You look gorgeous! Perfect look1

  17. LOVE the top! huge stripes fan here, loving the mix.

    $150 Kohl's Giveaway!

  18. Stripes on stripes! I completely love this combo!



  19. I absolutely love stripes on stripes, and this outfit is no exception! Super adorable!


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