Monday, July 20, 2015

Accidentally in love

 Eyelash lace skirt c/o Rosegal / Knit tank top from Mendocino / Silver collar necklace c/o Rosegal / White envelope clutch / Slingback wedge sandals from Winners

"You get what you pay for". Usually, people say this when they cheap out and regret buying something of ridiculously low quality. But I prefer to use this saying as a cautionary grain of salt. 

First off, I unintentionally chopped off my hair. I've complained about my barber before, and yes, I go to a barber to get my hair cut. But he's really nice and does a decent job for the price, so I went back. This time, I showed him a picture of the style I wanted and told him "2 inches off", which would leave my hair up well below my shoulders. The good news is that he did exactly the style that I showed him. The bad news is that he took 6 inches off my hair. I wanted so much to be mad, but all things considered, he did a really good job on a short hairdo.

And now we have Rosegal. I've bought from cheap online stores before, and with prices averaging between $5-$20, my expectations were super low. I was telling myself that for that price point, I should have low expectations. But I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. The lace skirt is opaque, the eyelash lash skirt is beautifully detailed and not frayed, and the silver necklace hasn't tarnished or broken. No, the material isn't super soft or anything, but for the price, it's no worse than anything you would get from Forever 21. 

I could pay premium prices for things like haircuts and clothes, but there's something oddly addictive about being uncertain on whether or not things are going to turn out as an expected shame or as a great surprise. I know online shopping can be a gamble sometimes, but I definitely recommend taking a change on Rosegal and all their items here!

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  1. Your new short hair looks good! I've never had a haircut that I liked before :( Maybe because I'm the type of person who doesn't like change. So going from long hair to short hair just makes me so uncomfortable. And for whatever reason, the hairdressers always chopped off my hair too much! Having my hair cut is like going to the dentist for me, it's one of the worst experiences that I have to go through every once in a while.
    But anyways, you look lovely! I love that skirt! It doesn't look cheap at all. What a great find!
    Angel from <a href="'>With Love Lily Rose</a>

  2. ooh eyelash skirt. is that the technical term? because it's so suitable and pretty(: and i think your haircut is a happy accident! lobs are very popular right now, and you're killing it

  3. Love the skirt dear! Bisous from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. your outfit is so cute
    I love your skirt

    beautiful all the pictures of your wonderful trip
    that there are wonderful places to discover

    new post

    have a good day

  5. I was never sure whethere I trusted rosegal but if you were pleasantly surprised I definitely will be checking their website out again. I love this outfit, I never thought of wearing a casual outfit like this! Thanks for the inspiration :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  6. What a cute skirt! It's nice when you get something you really like for a great price.

  7. You look casually gorgeous! Love your skirt..

    crunchy cheese me

  8. Your short hair looks gorgeous, he did a great job but I understand the not getting what you want thing. Good news is hair grows faster in the summer so it'll be back in now time!


  9. Great look for a casual summer day!

  10. Loving the hair! I think he did a fab job. And the skirt looks much more pricey too ;)

    The Marcy Stop

  11. I love that simple yet charming outfit. And I really like your hair short. I think it looks very modern.

  12. Nice look! The skirt is really cute.


  13. love the whole look <3 beautiful hair style !


  14. I hate when hairdressers cut a lot more than we wanted, but to be fair you look great with this short do, and it's super trendy :)

    Gotta love when something is cheap and of great quality :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  15. love your new hair ! you look stunning girl ! :)

  16. I love your hair like this and that skirt is really sweet and feminine. Your link ring is also pretty darn awesome.

    Tara x

  17. That's a pretty skirt, love how you styled it! And your hair looks pretty too!

  18. I really like the look - it's very model off duty! I'm the same, sometimes I like being uncertain about cheaper quality, but I've found even cheap clothes stand up decently well if you take care of them.

    Angelina Is

  19. I think that your hair looks really nice, even though, it is shorter than expected! But you know what is great about hair, right? They grow back! :)
    I like your outfit a lot, the lace skirt is very romantic and feminine!

  20. i love your natural/effortless look - especially your hair sabrina!!

  21. Oh, fantastic and lovely photos!
    I love your style. :)


  22. such a great ouftit. love it
    Posts online about Barcelona, Miami, Hawaii...

  23. Beautiful. Love your hair! :D

  24. I LOVE your haircut!! and i adore the skit, it is good lace and looks expensive! whow well phrased was your comment, something oddly addictive about buying from unknown..- i agree, it is good to take bit of a risk sometimes. You hit the jack pot here twice!
    xx, Elle

  25. Oh that lace is everything, and i love your casual styling of it!
    Sorry you got more hair chopped off than you wanted, but it really does look so cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  26. The short hair looks great on you! I love it!

    Love, Karina
    Check out my latest post!


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