Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Banana beauty

I have the wishful thinking habit of walking into stores that I know I can't afford but holding onto the hope that there might just be an awesome item for sale (then again, who doesn't have those days). Banana Republic is one of those stores. I usually think of Banana as a typically business casual store, but I wouldn't mind having these styles for a regular day.

Though I think we can ALL agree that socks and sandals are a no, but slouchy socks and peep-toe shoes are a totally different story. I absolutely love this style- it's casual, comfortable, and feminine. I might have to experiment with that sock trend. These print dresses are also lovely with the exquisite fitting and summer florals.

I've also become pretty partial to the neutral tone trend. It's a great example of how to dress androgynous. What adds the femininity in the following outfits are the accessories. A bold necklace over a simple shirt brings special emphasis on the accessory, which can alter the overall impression of an outfit.

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