Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dress shirt dresses

For the past season, I've had a thing for the school girl/geek chic look. I simply adore this dress by Shadow Play. Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it's functional and casual enough for everyday. One of my problems with dresses is being too fancy for class (which I think I am nonetheless), but I see no such problem with this item. I've become a fan of dresses with collars ever since I watched 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl wore a collared dress as one of her bridesmaid outfits towards the beginning of the movie. It just adds such a kick to a dress- collars can represent both a vintage and a modern look.

From shopnastygal.com

This outstanding dress is available to be purchased for $88.00 here.

xo A Talentless Mess

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