Monday, February 28, 2011

A list to end the short month

What better way to end the short month than with the Oscars. The Academy Awards tried to reach for a younger generation this year with obvious re-branding tactics. Overall, it maintained the same charm that keeps us watching year after year.

Here's a riddle for you- what changes every year, yet remains the same? The red carpet ceremony. Each year, we get new fashions- more extravagant, more glamour, more surprises, more shockers. However, while the trends change, one thing remains the same- the classic timelessness of the pre-Oscars show.

Best Dressed

Gwyneth Paltrow stunned in this metallic piece by Calvin Klein. She looked sleek in this straight dress with a chic rectangular neckline. Her straight blond hair also added the same feel to her overall look.

Mila Kunis looked absolutely breathtaking in this dress by Elie Saab. The lavender is a fabulous shade for her. It was very fitting for this muse/goddess dress which sports elegant touches of lace. This is probably my favourite of the night.
Jennifer Hudson glowed in her cheerful Versace gown, showing off her excellent post-diet body. This dress accentuates her curves perfectly and the colour is exquisite on her. She had great taste in accessories too with her diamond drop earrings and shimmering bracelets to complement the look.

Another star to wear the red on the red was Anne Hathaway. Red is definitely her colour because she looked absolutely stunning. Her up-do and simple necklace were great accessories to this mermaid-esque Valentino gown. +1 for the extra bold lip also.

Scarlett Johansson was looking lovely in this dress from Dolce & Gabbana. She definitely got the memo on the beauty and chicness of lace and sheer for this season. The floral lace adds an extra touch of femininity as well. The tone of purple is also very divine on her.

Worst Dressed

Florence Welch looked pretty dreadful in this layered cream Valentino gown. She kind of looked like a cake, though there was nothing delicious about this look. I'll give her one thing- the colour did make her red hair pop, though it mostly just made her look super pale and almost sickly.

Marisa Tomei was not looking her best. The top half does have some good things going on- a lovely colour on her with a classic strapped dress. However, it all goes downhill from there. The asymmetrical puffed out skirt of the dress makes it look like her body was just awkwardly cut diagonally. Not a good dimension at all.

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