Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black and white rainbow

I think the unseasonable (but welcome) warmth is getting to my head and making me crazy.  Or easily amused.  Probably a bit of both.  As if the glorious sunshine that melted away most of the snow wasn't enough, I got a little surprise after looking at my photos.  Do recall what you learned in elementary where sun + reflections off water = a rainbow...or something like that.  Who doesn't love rainbows, right.

I want more dress-up occasions.  Or I want it to be more socially acceptable to wear fancy things like fringe skirts on any typical day.  I tried to dress it down with a basic long sleeve white shirt, but honestly, dressing it down is like messing with its essence.  A fringe skirt was meant to be fancy- I should just let it fulfil its purpose. 

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing: 
-White long sleeve shirt from Charlotte Russe
-Black fringe skirt from Dynamite
-Gunmetal heels from Aldo


  1. That skirt is stunning!

  2. oh crazy how the rainbow turned out in your pics! btw lookbook not this coming weekend but the one after?? :D

  3. I find sometimes it takes a few seconds for the images to show up on facebook, and I use firefox.

    okay! prepare like 4 outfits and we'll go to the barn! it's beautiful there!

  4. Love the fringe skirt!
    I think you would really like this post about MINT: Passports & Prada


  5. The first shot with the rainbow is so stunning. Spring did not show up at home, but I was happy since I had to travel for work. I love that fringe skirt! xo

  6. love your skirt! and that rainbow is perfect!

    following you now!

    xxxo - jenny

  7. Very beautiful! I say just embrace dressing up, who cares if there isn't an occasion :] Also, the rainbow in there photos are so fun!

  8. Great style!!!
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  9. Love your skirt and shoes !!! And I agree, sometimes it's hard to wear some clothes the way they should be ... I think it depends on the country and city you're living in !
    But you should definitely dress up if you want to :-) And as we say in France : the discontents can "aller se faire foutre" ^^



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