Thursday, March 22, 2012

Uniquely ugly shoes

Don't get me wrong, I like unique shoes as much as the next girl.  Yes, yes, statement shoes can really pull an outfit together.  And that applies to a good high heel, edgy boot, or reasonable wedge.  But what is up with this new trend of shoes that look impossible to walk in stand in because of their crazy shape.  Then there are the shoes that resemble feet being encased in cement blocks.  If you thought that heels were foot torture, you obviously haven't seen these kinds of shoes that look like little prison cells for your feet.  Jeffrey Campbell undoubtedly made a dent in the fashion world with the ever-so popular classic Lita, but this new wave of chunky shoe strives a little too hard for fashion-forward...and misses the mark.  In the classic debate between fashion and art, I think that some of these shoes are better off being moulded from plaster and displayed in a museum.

So here's my little list of a few unique ugly shoes...or better stated, shoes that make me go "what the hell?!"

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  1. i agree with you some of these shoes only lady gaga would wear because it is impossible to stand or walk in them....
    love and kiss,mary

  2. aaaaaaaahhhh ! (horror scream) I totally agree, those shoes are abolutely ugly ... Beurk !
    I can't understand why some people are going to buy them ...


  3. All of them...i'm like -_-

    They are a crazy, not wearable and just too odd!

  4. I admit I can't ever picture myself wearing any of these. There are so many jeffrey campbell pairs right now that are just too kooky for my tastes.

  5. If height is your reason then go for them otherwise I dont see any reason to buy them. Afterall things should be gentle and desent.

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