Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Transitional weather confusion

Today was an unseasonable warm day; a spring weather teaser, if you will.  With a brief blast of nice weather comes dressing confusion.  You know, it's the guys that are in bermuda shorts, the girls in their t-shirts and chunky scarves, and the people that missed the memo completely and are still dressed for a snow storm.  For me, I see these seasonal transitions as that small window where wearing shorts and tall boots are acceptable (and it was a tad chilly still, so tights were necessary).  Do you know what the highlight of my morning was?  Getting dressed.  Yes, as sad as that sounds, I was really excited to have the freedom to mix and match sweaters, blazers, shorts, and cute shoes again, without worrying about freezing or snow damage.

So I've compiled a little ideal outfit with a few of my favourite weather confusion/transitional season things.  I've discovered that I'm quite the fan of mixing more subtle feminine pieces and shades with edgier pieces, usually black as a contrast.  And I've also been discovering a love for bright pink lipstick as the final complement to the feminine-edgy combination.  And of course, sunnies are a necessity for the sunny seasons!

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  1. Hi darlinG! I really love the outfit, the t-shir it's so cute! Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog, I follow you by GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter, follow me back? A big kiss :)

  2. Such a cute outfit! Love the shorts!


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