Monday, July 2, 2012

It's personal

There's something about personalized pieces that can give off a little extra special sentiment.  Perhaps it's that  knowledge that it's something custom that was made for you, and belongs only to you.  Or maybe even a little snobbery that you own an item that wasn't mass produced, thus making you unique.  Whatever it is, I have a thing for personalized pieces.  Okay, well I have two pieces of personalized jewellery.  I consider that more than the average person though.  And it's great because if I ever have a sudden spout of amnesia and lose all other forms of ID, I'll still have a necklace and ring to tell me (and others) who I am.  Come to think of it, it's pretty and everything, but personalized pieces should be used strictly for safety measures in case of events such as this.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing:
-Indigo dress
-Grey oversized cardigan
-Personalized name necklace
-Personalized name ring


  1. This dress looks gorgeous! Nice outfit!

  2. i love your necklace. i used to have one just like it, only it said my name. eventually the weak spot between the t and h broke. anyhow, these are lovely pictures.

    <3 katherine

  3. you have an amazing blog!
    Beholder's Inn

  4. Cute little angel wing earrings!

  5. Personalized necklaces are great, it is nice to have something that isn't mass produced, I agree :)

  6. Hi Sabrina :). How I love the blue of that dress, and train tracks! It's my big hope to someday take photos on a train track. If I tried it downtown I'd have no luck with all the go-trains!

    You asked about my dot tee oh URL extension. This was my clever husband's idea ... He registered me through the Kingdom of Tonga! They own the .to extension. Pretty funny right?!


  7. A lovely spot for photos. I really like your necklace too!

  8. Such a pretty place to take pics! Your outfit looks chill and breezy and I love the necklace (earrings too are pretty!).

  9. What a great look! I love the flowiness of the dress and cardigan! You look fabulous!

    <3 Jenny

  10. Thanks for the sweet comment and visiting my blog :)

    You have GREAT style and this look is no exception. I esp. love the long, loose cardi. Perfection.


  11. wonderful pics...and i absolutely adore your necklace!

    sooo cute.

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  12. you look really amazing! stunning!


    ps. you can now win some awesome 4EVER WITH EVERYONE bracelets on our blog!

  13. Love your look! :) Thank you for your comment! I follow you now with google friend connect and bloglovin! Hope you'll do the same! I wait for you in my blog! Kisses!


  14. great outfit, i love your dress!

    i follow you! :)

  15. Your necklace is stunning, I want one with my name too :)<3 And you look so beautiful!

    xoxo Eeva

  16. Lovely outfit !

  17. Really beautiful Sabrina! I love that ring - such a unique piece. These photos are gorgeous! xx Marisa

  18. Super pretty personalized name necklace! Looks great on you :)

  19. Love the layered look of an oversized cardi with a chic.

    <3 Cambria

  20. I love personalizing my pieces. Sometimes I'll pair 2 necklaces together that were bought separate for a whole new look. Its so fun.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  21. You look lovely here and I just want to wrap myself up in that sweater. It looks so soft!


  22. Cute look! Love your hair...also do you have your right tragus pierced? Moi aussi...I have a dark stud in too.

    xx from Montreal,


  23. Haha, very nice! Love the rant on personalized pieces! I just realized that I don't have any :-). I need to get at least a necklace. I like the idea of it in a ring too

    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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