Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just hanging

By a show of hands, how many people use their closet more than they use their dresser/wardrobe for everyday clothing?  Right.  That's what I thought.

Aside from jackets and dresses, I'm pretty content with everything else I own being smushed nicely folded into a few drawers.  Instead of Photoshop-ing them out, I bring you my rant on little clothing hanger string things.  I know common sense says to just cut them off, but there are times when I get so excited to wear something (or too lazy to pull out a pair of scissors) and just walk into public without cutting them off.  Usually they're fairly simple to hide.  But there's always those few pieces of clothing where no matter what you do, those silly little hanger string things always manage to peek out of a shirt.  As a person that has a very defined space bubble before I get uncomfortable, what makes this even worse is when people try to tuck them back into my shirt.  Space bubble invasion! Get yo hands off me! 

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing: 
-Beige cableknit sweater 
-Taupe skirt 
-Nude heels


  1. haha, i smush mine too, oops. Those strings can be so irritating sometimes + itcy >:( x The Nuliya

  2. haha I love your little rant today. I too hate those string things but at the same time I hardly ever cut them off just because they hang so much better with it. Great outfit too by the way.

    xx Jenee C.

  3. ough, love this outfit.the background is awesome. i love abandoned houses.
    follow you.:) oh and thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. Loving the neutral colours here :) and what a cool backdrop for your photos too, looks a bit haunted :p xx

  5. You know what's really funny?! I JUST had a coworker come up to me and tuck in my hanger string...then turned around to my computer and there was your post :D

    I love this sweater to pieces...the shape and texture are incredibly chic!

    <3 Cambria

  6. I agree with you! And thank you, btw (:
    Lovely blog, followed <3

  7. What a lovely dress, Btw I love this shoots!!
    You have very nice blog and thanks for your comment on my blog. I am blogwalking now and wish you have great weekend with loved one.


  8. Hi, pretty blog :-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
    I have followed you, follow me back please :-)

  9. Hi Sabrina!
    Just wanted to let you know you made my day, as you are 100th blog follower! Thanks so much! I love this outfit, that cableknit sweater has the prettiest creamy color and awesome cut. That barn backdrop has to be the coolest thing ever! I am a huge sucker for old buildings. I hope you are having the most wonderful Friday, following you right back!
    xo Hannah

  10. I love these pics, the set is so amazing, and I love your look!

  11. I LOVE your blog and your style!!
    I follow you right now!

  12. Adorable sweater! I'm following you :)

  13. Hi sweetie,
    Thank you so much for such lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you left comment cus I bumb into your blog and I must say that I really love your style. I already follow you, it would be honour if you did same. Love your outfits. I'm gonna visit you asap.

  14. You are adorable!! I try not to cut the little string things off just in case I want to hang them up, but they can be annoying!

  15. thanks for the lovely comment :-) love your photos by the way :-) XOXO

  16. Wow this is a really cool location for a photo shoot. :) You look fantastic and the effortless elegance of the outfit really contrasts nicely with the haunting, spooky emptiness of the old cabin. xoxo

  17. Those strings drive me crazy too! Looks great and I love where you shot this!



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