Monday, January 3, 2011

Hair today...

I got myself a little Christmas gift. I got myself a digital perm.

So the difference between a normal perm and a digital perm is that a digital perm uses less chemicals and different heating techniques to curl hair. It is similar to Japanese straightening. It is still fairly new, but some salons (particularly Asian salons) do offer it in North America.

My hair is very thin, so the curls didn't end up too large or extravagant; more like gentle curls/a relaxed beach waves.



More pictures will come in my future blogs since digital perms last for about a year.

xo A Talentless Mess


  1. like both hair styles:)x stop by sometime,hope you like my blog :)x

  2. HIYA SABS! my goodness your hair is so long now!!! do you like to whip your hair back and fourth? haha j/k. i LIKE THE DIGITAL PERM! it will look extra nice when we go to the beach in the summmer ;)

  3. Did u get this done in Ottawa? And if so - where??

  4. I got my hair done in Toronto- if you're ever there, drop me and email and I can give you the name of the place.


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