Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring weather tease

The temperatures have been relatively mild for the past few days. I know it's still January, but if I want to wear a sundress, I will. No worries, the outfit still screams 'winter' in some aspects though. Like, I'm wearing three layers on my feet. I definitely love this cardigan as a good transition piece though. Now, if only the real spring would hurry.

I also think I might have a new obsession for red lipstick. It's kind of hard to tell in these photos, but it's there. I've been using Revlon lipstick, and I'm liking it so far. I might do a post in the near future reviewing it.

What I'm wearing:
-Blue sun dress
-Beige American Eagle cardigan
-Black stockings
-White socks
-Grey knee-high socks
-Brown Charlotte Russe lace-up boots
-Grey fedora

Happy end of January!

xo A Talentless Mess

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