Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a red carpet tradition

Now what kind of a fashion blogger would I be without my list of best and worst dressed celebs that dawned last night's Golden Globe awards? It's no doubt that these stars turned heads- for better or for worse.

Best Dressed

Nicole Kidman was looking stunning in this simple asymmetrical gown with detailing on the shoulder. The bow accentuates her figure nicely, and the glitz was toned enough to keep it fancy yet classy. Don't we all wish that we'd look that good at her age?

Mila Kunis is lovely in an asymmetrical dress by Vera Wang. The shade of green compliments her skin and her brunette up-do nicely. A bit of a more unconventional dress because of the detailing around the shoulder and waist, but not in a tacky way. If want to go for an extra kick in your dress, this is the way to do it.

Olivia Wilde pulls off the princess gown elegantly without looking like Prom Night Barbie. The sequins on the upper half of the dress are exquisite, gradually fading into the black hem. I don't normally like puffy dresses, but this is as good as it gets. It's almost as if she has the night sky reflected in her dress.

Glee's Dianna Agron takes on the minimalist style wearing this lovely creme strapless. This is made all the more beautiful by her stunning necklace. I especially like how the dress drags on the ground, yet its layering allows you to get a glimpse of her shoes. A truly ravishing clean look.

Clare Danes showed off her toned body in this backless halter dress. The pastels and pinks seemed to be quite popular, but Danes' shade compliments her blond hair perfectly. A cheerful and refreshing look paired with that good ol' Red Carpet class.

Worst Dressed

Julianne Moore didn't quite get the memo when it comes to asymmetrical dresses. She almost looks as though she's being swallowed by that one sleeve of hers. The colour has potential to be flattering, but perhaps not in such long proportions.

Heidi Klum resembled an ice cream cone with her shades of pink, tan, and brown. The dress resembles something you might wear as a beach cover-up, not at the Golden Globes.

Speaking of ice cream, Emma Stone decided to try this peach sherbert coloured gown. I've seen this one on best and worst dressed lists. For me though, this goes on my worst dressed list. The cut does not do much for her shape and the shade leaves her looking invisible.

Sometimes, I wonder who watches awards shows for the actual awards nowadays. This time around especially, I feel like I've heard more buzz about the fashions than about the awards.

xo A Talentless Mess


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