Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a new year- go digital.

Looking back on my last post, I could've been a whole lot more thorough with my pictures and descriptions. So here it is, a full digital perm guide on what it is, what it looks like, and why it is for you.

Digital perms originated in Korea and its popularity has spread primarily to Japan, but is also popular in other countries as well. Digital perms are still fairly new, so prices are still relatively high. In general, they are more expensive than normal perms. Personally, my perm was for $350 CAD. I was told that the majority of costs covers the importation of the digital perm machine and the chemicals used in the hair since they are (apparently) not yet available in North America.

A digital perm does the same job as a normal perm- it curls your hair. The main difference in the process is that there are less chemicals- none of which are ammonia-based. Therefore, it is healthier for your hair. You will find that hair appears shinier, less dry, and less frizzy than with a normal perm. Another difference is the results that are achieved. Digital perms tend to offer curls that are softer and wavier. Also, instead of starting from the roots, curls begin around the ears. Unlike normal perms (aka. cold perms), digital perms (aka. hot perms) use a machine to emit heat directly to hair in curlers. If you note in the picture below, each curler is connected to a wire.

In general, the process takes longer than normal perms. My digital perm process took a total of 4 hours (including air drying and heat cooling).

Machine used in digital perming

Digital perms are very low maintenance. Air dry or blow dry- the results are easy to achieve consistently. Simply curl your hair with your fingers after washing or in the morning for instant results. Overall, digital perms last for about 6 months to a year.

Like normal perms, digital perms work best on hair that is neither thin nor coarse, but results would be seen on all hair types. Personally, I have very thin hair and long hair, so I would not be able to get large extravagant curls, but something more along the lines of gentle waves. Curls can be thin, medium, or large. You can also decide how tight you want the curls- hair type permitting.



My hair may not be extremely curly, but at least it's noticeably more volumized. So far, it is very easy to maintain. My hair is naturally straight, but I suffer from terrible bedhead, so I would actually flat iron my hair every morning. That was definitely making my hair dry and unhealthy, so now I'm hoping to put away the flat iron and just let my hair be.

xo A Talentless Mess

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  1. You look great! This is definitely the most toned down digital perm I have seen and I actually like it better like this


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