Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to: Dress for the winter and still be fashionable

The first snowfall has arrived! You know what that means- it's time for a greater social acceptability to look like a bundled up snowman that just got out of bed.  Okay fine, it is possible to look good in the winter, but it's a tad harder if you live somewhere that's known for its brutal winters.  So for that one week in Canada where winter is actually pretty, or if you live in a warm enough climate where dressing for light flurries is acceptable, here's a little guide on how to stay trendy in the winter:

You're gonna want a cute coat.  It would probably be something in the camel or black wool peacoat variety.  The coat is important- you're gonna spend most of next season in it.

Stock up on sweaters.  Cardigans, oversized knits, fitted sweaters, whatever!  They're warm- wear them.

Learn to layer.  Ohh, layers.  Admittedly, sometimes I can hardly move with all the layers I'm in.  But if you're gonna wear a coat that isn't the warmest, then layers are definitely the way to go.

Find some waterproof boots.  This is where the practicality (and common sense!) comes in.  I don't care how warm they are, if your UGGs are full of salt and slush stains, that ain't pretty.

Accessorize for winter how you would for any other day.  Y'know, be matchy.  Find something unique and you.  +1 if you can find a hat and scarf that don't make your hair all frizzy.

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And on this first snowfall, I sat in the library in my bum clothes with the intention of studying, but managed to stare out the window and write poetry for hours instead.  Happy haiku hump day!

Monochrome beauty 
Awaken the slumb'ring child
Eyes dance, heart frolics


  1. Great post! I really like your blog!

  2. I wrote my URL wrong, it's! Anyway - great blog.

  3. Just want to say how glad I am that I came across your blog. Fellow Canadian galls rock!

    Awesome post, I especially love the last post - I've yet to find the perfect hat ;)

    Will most definitely be following!


  4. Love all your picks here. I need to invest in a new pair of sorels for the winter - best and warmest winter boots ever.


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