Thursday, November 17, 2011

Secret hideouts

You may have seen this necklace before in previous outfit posts of mine here and there.  I'm not only a fan of it because it's a pretty gold necklace, or because it's fashioned as a purse.  I'm a fan because of its functional magnetic flap.  Theoretically, you could actually put something in your necklace!  But realistically, what would you put in a little purse-necklace?  Nothing.  Or at least, nothing that I can think of.  Cheers to the idea though.  Next time, create an oversized pendant necklace where I could at least put a stick of gum in there or something.

There's something funny about how I'm complaining that this necklace isn't functional enough.  The last I checked, necklaces weren't made to be utilitarian anyway.


  1. I had this necklace but the first time I wore it it completely fell to bits! I think I must have got a faulty one.

  2. Love it!! Forever 21 just came out with different styles of the same necklace!!

  3. put a quarter in it. in case you loose your cell phone and have to call home ;)

  4. It is so adorable!


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